Rides around Teeside

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  • Since the weather has improved err slightly, are we gonna try and get a ride going?

    Doesn't have to be strenuous, just stretch the legs, have a laugh and try to get some more people riding. Could do what some of the other towns/cities are doing and ride to a specific place, park, bar etc

    Start posting ideas!

  • sounds good mate, just in the process of getting a thrash around bike built now, down to prissick might be good?

  • Nice, something that can take a beating?

    I want to put 32's on the subrosa, but dropouts aren't long enough. You can get a 28 in, but I'd prefer 32. Possibly looking for a frame change.

    Prissick cycle track?

  • well just something with a bit lower gearing i've got my bike built up as a TT bike atm with massive gearing on so its not practical at all!
    Yeah the cycle track

  • Anyone busy friday daytime or evening?
    Dean regarding you saying a possible frame change, you wanting to sell you current frame?

  • Sorry for the delay, I've been to the Tour and back to work. This didn't flag up as something new!

    Weather has not really improved - maybe I jinxed it, but it apparently is going to improve this weekend, so I'd quite like to get out and do some riding.

    Do we think we can get some people together, or is no-one really interested/too busy?

    Frame change is going ahead, not sure what as yet, I just feel more comfortable riding with 28/32's. I'm up for selling the subrosa frame.

  • I'm definitely up for a ride at some point.
    Any ideas of places to ride to? routes?

  • Unfortunately this weekend (although it is almost over) would have been a non starter for me, week day evening mid to late week would be ideal.
    Any chance you could message me some photos of the frame dean? email is joshmoody95@gmail.com cheers.

  • You Smoggys are more than welcome to come through for these...

  • thanks for the invite mate, things are a bit slow round here because numbers are so few!

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Rides around Teeside

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