Rides around Teeside

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  • Bloody hell, 52:16? i used to have that as my max gear on my race bike.
    My other road bikes had normal cassettes on like but youth races require naf gears.
    I run 42:16, don't see the need for anything much more, maybe a little taller for faster riding, or shorter for wheelies etc but i get 30mph out of that no bother.

  • Ha yeah, its very fast but slow at accelerating.

  • What does everyone think about thursday nights?

  • Night ride is good with me, depends what im on work wise and what family commitments etc..

    Tees Barrage, Over the border/boro docks are always good quiet places

    has anyone ridden the cycle track at prissick base.. its a shame we still dont have velodrome at clairville available for use

  • I can do Thursday nights.

    Yeah, I've ridden around the barrage quite a bit - boro docks should be good, just need to avoid the doggers and tramps.

    I've never ridden the cycle track, was meaning to when it opened and never got around to it. It's a shame that Clairville is on the council hitlist for closure to save money. It would be great to ride the velodrome - I'm sure my dad helped resurface it a while back.

  • i've rode the circuit at prissick.
    Its pretty good, fairly short and flat though, on thursdays there is an organised training session ran by a friend of mine, i believe the coaching comes with a fee, which wont be too expensive.
    The session is gunna be quick so i dont think turning up on brakeless fixie's will get us very far!
    If anyone is interested in getting some serious coaching (road bikes or cx bikes with slicks only im afraid) then pm me and i will sort you with the guys email address.
    Anyone who is going to be up for a ride next thursday night pm me and we'll do this via facebook, much easier to catch people on there is all.

  • Good to know that there's cycling courses etc in the srea. More people need to be involved, even if it is not fixed.

    Facebook is good to catch people on and use the group you started, but keep using the forum. If we don't they'll think we don't use it and get rid! Plus we've had interest on here and it's still going, which is good. There's never going to be as many riders as London etc but it'll be good to get a few more of us.

    There's also fixedgearteesside.blogspot.com that I made a while back and Ryan had started to contribute some good stuff to it too.

  • Rides this week, possible tuesday or thursday night, from near stockon police station, splash area
    Im free anytime after half four, any good for any one?

  • ride from ropner park stockton, tonight at 6 pm meet at the bandstand

  • hi did this ride take place? i popped into the park on the way home from work 5:45 - 6:10 i never saw anybody!!!!

  • We have a facebook group, where we cancelled it. I'll add you to it if you send me your name :)

  • My bad i should have updated the forum.
    I will try to keep both updated on rides in future

  • Tuesday or wednesday night anyone?

  • Frame is now at Droitwich and then it goes to the Stockton depot and hopefully to me. As to when this will happen I don't know, but if it comes early tomorrow I'll get it built up. If not I might just come on the MTB, as I fancy a ride out.

  • Wednesday evening say 6pm, meet at ropner park?

  • I've finally got the fixed up and running - just need a few tweaks now.

    Main thing I don't have is a brake and not sure how comfortable I am without one.
    Some people say don't use one, but I have been stopped by the police before for riding brakeless and would rather just have a front one for those hairy moments.

  • I get back to teesside on the 9th of Dec and the first thing Im going to do will be to build up my bike. Then I'll be up for a ride out definitly.

    Edit: Just ordered my wheels!

  • What wheels did you go for?

  • I'm up for a christmas meet?

  • Im in!

  • Christmas meet sounds good - ride around in Santa hats and our bikes wrapped in fairy lights. Really nark the chavs.

    Hopefully get a meet in before though?

  • Tuesday night?
    Ropner park bandstand meet 6/6.30? Head out towards the barrage etc.
    I'd be riding from Eaglescliffe if anyone else is from that area.

  • tuesday night, im in!

  • Just incase anyone has missed it - Tue 6th Dec, meet at Ropner Park 6:30 at the bandstand for a ride

    Myself and Ryan are riding from Eaglescliffe if anyone wants to ride with us.

    Gonna be a chilly night, will be good for our first meet!

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Rides around Teeside

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