Rides around Teeside

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  • Now then everyone, desperately need to get some rides going asap, what days/ times are good for anyone?
    Lets try get something decent sorted.

  • Josh,


    Use this part of the forum and we can organise rides/meets for teesside area there.


  • Actually, ignore that last post, we'll organise rides here.

    It's just we were talking about them on the other thread, but that can just be a general thread and this one for rides.

    I think we need to first establish where is a good place to meet up? We could either have a set place or meet at middlesbrough one week and then somewhere in stockton the next?

    Getting of the train t'other day in middlesbrough, I walked across that new bit they have done just outside the station? It's pretty large flat area, clean (if that is possible?) and relatively quiet. Was thinking maybe there, as it is close by the station for anyone coming via train and you can head to anywhere in the town from there.


  • Sounds like a good idea, the area around mima is flat too. Not sure how much is grass or tarmac though.

  • That would be good too, just meet up and then we can go ride from there?

  • hi i live in eaglescliffe and ride a fixie, i would be interested in a ride out

  • Where about in Eaglescliffe? We could go for a quick loop around middleton st george etc next weekend.

  • hi near pavillion yes i would go out ive done that loop quite a lot but never on my fixie! should be interesting(bank from aisalby to yarm)

  • If you're running a brake its fine. Going up however, I've never managed it running a 52:16 ratio.

  • hi do you fancy a ride out sunday weather permiting?

  • hi what happened to all the interest in local rides?????

  • Interest didn't fade, however forum use varies. I had too much work to do anyway. Maybe another day!

    • Here isn't the best place to catch us all, if you have facebook PM me your name and I'll look for you!
  • sorry for starting this thread and then not replying!
    Sounds good to me about the middlesbrough meet, for stockton riders how about meeting outside the big libary near the police station?

  • hi im up for a ride from stockton most weekends

  • I'm up for a ride in stockton too

  • My frame is on its way, so will have a bike fully built by this time next week. I'm up for a ride too.

  • Can anyone do week nights? Im not in teeside on a weekend so can't make weekend rides, but if anyone can make it a week night ride would be great

  • hi where would you ride out on a evening i would be interested could you give me more info distance ,speed ect new to fixed wheel

  • I was thinking pretty casual, especially for the first few, and once everyone gets to know each other we could get two rides a week in? One fairly brisk the other more a prat about in a smooth car park or something?

  • Could meet up outside the library and then maybe head down towards the tees barrage and come back past the uni? Quite quiet around there and flat.

    The only problem with evening rides is the fading light. If the weather is alright, I don't mind sticking the knogs on and riding in the dark. Suppose the roads will be quiet.

  • Considering my bike is set up for freestyle and running 36:16 speed won't be something I'll have :P

  • haha, I'm having to run a 48:16 until I order a new back sprocket. I won't be skidding too much.

  • 48:16 is a nice ratio, but i'd go for 17tooth sprocket then you'll always get 17 skid patches! My other bike is 52:16 and I can skid that fine

  • Yeah, mixed views with that ratio, but for starting off it's good I think.

    I've found a few sprockets cheap and some on here I think, so I'll prob get one of them.

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Rides around Teeside

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