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  • There's nothing here about Portugal/Lisbon, so if you're going on a weekend, holiday, whatevs, here's a place to get a bike (Lisbon).

    Rent a Fun

  • Yay, NO helmets all the way! :)

  • And I'd wanna go to Portugal cos??

  • Cause you like our cocks?

  • So sweet^

  • Yay, NO helmets all the way! :)

    I can see 4 in blue t-shirts

  • Because it's (still) summer there, basically.

  • That's Blue Everton, innit?

  • Oh shit, I forgot you play in camouflage now.

  • G you'd love Lisbon mate, just sayin'.

  • Is it just rental or do they sell anything decent? I'm working in Porto for a bit and desperate for a bike out here, but it's just one big MB fest.. Any Portuguese fixie connections?

  • I can see 4 in blue t-shirts


    lisbon is my favourite european city, apart from this one of course.

  • Is it just rental or do they sell anything decent? I'm working in Porto for a bit and desperate for a bike out here, but it's just one big MB fest.. Any Portuguese fixie connections?


  • Thanks, I struggle a bit with the Pork and Cheese lingo though.. Desperate for a SS bargain beater over here if anyone knows of one..

  • The guys that 'founded' the pork&cheese forum are from Porto.
    I would suggest you to start a thread (in English), it has been done there by other forens living in Tugal.


    *This is my best option, Oh!, and contact Noca (LFGSS), he lives in Aveiro.
    If I were you I'd have a custom made Valdemiro, cheap as chips.

  • Flip-flops with time atac or spd's?

  • Thanks nuknow!

  • My friend in Lisbon tells me there is a big cycling craze starting there! it's a great city to cycle around If you like hills ;-)

  • Anyone know where I can hire or borrow a carbon or aluminium road bike in Porto on the 12th of November?

  • GaiaBike was the best in the end. €40 for a day for a Tarmac Sport 105, and they delivered it to the hotel.

  • Anyone done any touring/wild camping in portugal? Planning a last-minute trip next week and eyeing up our Iberian friend. But have no idea what the terrain/culture would be like for wild camping. Imagine fine in more remote bits, not near farms etc but massively appreciated if anyone has experience with which they could confirm...

  • Hi first of all this is a HIGH RISK season due to the FIRES so I strongly advice not to do wild camping. The north and centre of the country is less dense of population, but also now is holiday season so expect all the Portuguese living outside, mainly from France, Switzerland etc... to gather visiting families and the small villages are all or most part part of them fully packed of humans.
    Enough said I suggest to postponed your touring/wild camping to Portugal in either September/October or next year from March to May. that is less hot.
    I did mine from start in Santander(Cantábria), Picos de Europa National Park, Leon did a bit of the Camino, all through secondary roads Carreteras most part empty and cross all way down and got in Portugal near Bragança.
    In Portugal I did the same and took the secondary roads (Estradas Secundárias), all the way to Lisbon where I'm from.
    There are some cycle routes that use the old train lines in the north centre and then a long one along the Atlantic coast.
    http://ciclovia.pt, the website in only in portuguese so have to use the google translate or similar to understand. Is organize by area that which one have the subdivisions the country so you have North (Norte), Centre (Centro), Lisboa area and then the South Alentejo and Algarve geographic areas.
    Hope I give enough information for you trip!

  • Thank you - that's really helpful! Hadn't considered the fires, that does not sound like fun. Think we might go North from Barcelona instead into Andorra and the Pyrenees... Will definitely consider it again for more suitable times!

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