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  • Not particularly, rarely see any riders.

  • I've seen a few, with RyanB being one of them, lol, others were either heading to or from the Middlesbrough Bike Hub. I've been to the veledrome a couple of times to watch the track riders.

  • I guess it's just a case of riding about, catching people's eye, hosting meet ups or even starting a polo team, our polo squad aswell, just a thought, ive got an idea for yous two ryanB and FGTS if you'd arent up for racing at cog on the Tyne then maybe you's would be up for marshalling a checkpoint each?

  • I'm up for the sprint, can follow pack then go for it. Maybe with the cat too, ill let you know.

  • Yeah, soon as the bike is built I'll be out as much as I can and try to get a meet going with any other riders and go from there.

    I'd be up for marshalling and maybe race next time an event comes around. Was thinking of bringing the camera with me and shooting a bit of it.

  • you wont regret taking part in the races, they are much fun.

    NF blog updated and link to teeside added. sorted. http://newcastlefixed.wordpress.com/

  • Like any alleycat you'll get a manifest before the race so you can revise a route then. As for the sprint you're right it's all about the last mile or so
    FGTS that would be great if you could Marshall, if your defs up for it ill pm
    You with a choice of checkpoints? Plus the more coverage the better haha

  • I'd really like to take part, but might marshall it and get a feel for the different bits and then have a go at a future event.

    I've updated the teesside blog with your link. Good to see things are heading in the right direction in the north east!

  • You can Marshall and still take part in the sprint aswell, it's up to you mate

  • Also, if you know any guys that wouldn't mind designing a logo for the Teesside blog/spoke cards/stickers, then send them my way please. Quite like to get something done and help spread the word. It's always worked in the past with things I've done, gives you a bit of an identity and something for people to recognise. Thanks

  • Yeah, suppose I could have a bash!

  • You could ask Phil REALLY REALLY nicely, I'll ask my girlfriend if she could draw something up she did the initial design for the COTT logo, Phil did a lovely job of cleaning it up and setting it on the poster

  • Already onto it, he PM'd to see if he could help out.

    Can't thank you all enough, really helpful.

    Like RyanB put some posters up at college, I'm gonna see if some of the LBS's wouldn't mind putting one up for me - there might be fixed riders in the area that just haven't thought about finding other people to ride with.

    Like you were saying earlier, it might encourage some of the shops to stock parts and bikes if they realise that there's fixed gears in the area. Could even request they do, they'd be the only ones doing it I suppose.

  • Dean id give yarm cycles a miss for posters, not many go in on a regular basis. Skinnergate in stockton is packed all the time.

    Also for a logo, could make the transporter bridge out of 'fixed gear teesside'.

  • Dean id give yarm cycles a miss for posters, not many go in on a regular basis. Skinnergate in stockton is packed all the time.

    Also for a logo, could make the transporter bridge out of 'fixed gear teesside'.

  • lol, god yes, I wouldn't ask them. I know they'd probably put one up, as I've used them for years, but I'm not sure anyone goes there anymore really, which is a shame as I like supporting the LBS.

    I've got a few shops and independent shops in boro to put up a poster. I reckon the Middlesbrough bike hub would put one up for us?

    I've never thought of that! Good idea, that's a really good idea. The initial idea I and was 3 chain links making a triangle and F G T at each point for Fixed Gear Teesside. But maybe we could have the F G T as the pillars of the bridge or just in the bridge?

    Phil has kindly said he will help us out and give it a go, so we could suggest that?

  • I find Yarm really over priced on everything apart from a service which is easy enough to do yourself anyway.

    Yeah give it shot, i'm not sure on how to incorporate it into a bridge though.

  • Yeah, it's a shame, but suppose it is their choice.

    lol, yeah, I've always serviced my own bikes, even easier with a fixed.

    Cool, I'll see what we can do and what will work. I've got a laminator, so as soon as we get something I'll make some spoke cards and give you some. I might get some stickers done too.

  • Sounds good

  • Couple of ideas for a logo? What you think?

  • Phil put this together for us, just a little idea I had and he did the rest. Just need to add an extra S to Teesside and I asked him if he could put a small Transporter where the FGT is on the chain link, as Ryan thought it would be good to have a local touch.

    I like the retro feel of yours - it's like an old badge.

    What do we all think? - I'd like everyone to have a say!

  • Yeah I thought i'd go for a retro bike company badge sort of feel for it. though it could look good on stickers, spoke cards, posters etc.

  • Couple of ideas for a logo? What you think?

    Could get one made small and use it as a headtube badge, I think that would look ace.

  • That'd be ace!

  • Phil has re-worked the logo a bit, simplified it and added the local touch.

    What do we think? I really do like it!

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Hey Middlesbrough... you've got your own forum

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