Hey Middlesbrough... you've got your own forum

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  • By request of course.

    Now all you have to do is use it :)


  • Hello Middlesbrough!

  • ah divvnt nah aboot that like? ^ bit racist

  • Good to get our own little bit.

    We shall use it and get the scene going in Middlesbrough, aka Smog Land.

    Looking forward to maybe heading up to Newcastle later this month. Really want to see Boikzmoind!

  • Thankyou! Will be good to be able to organise our own rides without disrupting other forums. Also planning on coming to cog on the tyne, stuck the flyer up at college today in hope of getting some interest.

  • Just swung by the new thread, hey thanks RyanB the more the merrier really, what are you fellas riding then (bikewise)

  • Got the poster up on http://fixedgearteesside.blogspot.com which is still in early stages like the scene around here and our little bit of fixed heaven on here!

    My bike is still in the building stages, waiting for a guy to get back off holiday and spray it for me. Opted for Espresso wheels and crankset, basic alloy stem, izumi chain. charge bars & brev.m pedals. Gonna order some straps from Restrap and can't decide on tyres.

    Not the most expensive of parts, but I want to start out steady and build it up over time with better kit.

  • The ground up method, I like that, means you can enjoy the improvements as each one comes, sounds alright your basic set up, is it a track frame your building it up on?

  • Don't let any of this lot near a bike, they'll put fuckin parmesan all over the thing!?

  • Howay man give it a chance, my first build was the f**king meatballs

  • Yeah, exactly, put it well! I don't have anything against people that go for top kit from the off, but I just don't have the money to splash out just yet. It's a road frame, I'd really like a track frame.

  • haha, I'm a veggie, so no parmo for me.
    Can't comment on the other lads though!

  • I've got a few good mates in M'boro, been up there a few times

    Go out for an Indian - everyone's eatin parmo's
    Go out for a Chinese - everyone's eatin parmo's
    Go out for Italian - everyone's eatin parmo's
    Go to a nightclub - everyone's eatin parmo's & burgers!!?!

  • since when has parmesan had meat in it?

    also, the fixedgearnewcastle link on your blog links to the fixedgearnewcastle site. which has nothing to do with newcastle oddly enough. #justsayin

  • Honestly mate, I'm at the end of that adventure where I have my bike exactly how I want it and now I'm just fannying about with the little things like titanium bolts in the chainring for gods sake. Keel your eyes peeled on the classifieds there might be something for you when the time comes

  • Haha yeah nobody knows who they are

  • I basically converted a old Raleigh road bike. Kept the frame, Weinmann front brake, saddle/post and unfortunately the crankset as the threads are buggered so a socket cant fit in to remove the bolt. Bought a Sakae 80mm stem and risers, Brev.m track grips, Omega mach rims and Wellgo pedals.

    It's my 'rat bike' but hey, I love it.

    Built as my first venture into riding fixed, which started as a project for my 3 month summer holidays after my GCSE's. Really getting into it, so hope to purchase something like the Charge plug in the future. But on the other hand, I'm a sucker for the beautiful old track bikes you see on here.

  • I was on about a Parmo, the meaty variety, but if we're on about cheese - not a problem!

    Ah crap, I even failed at copy+paste. Thanks for the heads up, gonna change that.

  • I'll keep an eye on the classifieds, thanks for that. Had a little snoop earlier today, could've spent my months wages in 10mins.

  • you copied and pasted correctly, but its just a blog full of adverts, nothing about actual fixed gear bikes in newcastle. a better link woule be (my blog) http://newcastlefixed.wordpress.com/ even though it has not been updated in over a year. i might change that fact soon though

  • North east fixed gear is on the rise...again...maybe yeah we're hoping that cog on the Tyne can get the ball rolling (well that's what I think)

  • I may change it for that then, I'll be waiting for an update if I do!

    My blog is not the best, just me rambling and posting stuff I've seen. Hoping it'll improve when I get to meets and we get more local riders.

  • I've seen the vids from the last cog on the tyne and the pictures. It looks good to me and I hope it grows, plus all the guys n gals look like good people.

    Looking forward to it now.

  • Do the shops in tee side encourage fixed gear I.E do they sell fixed gear parts?

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Hey Middlesbrough... you've got your own forum

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