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  • So i'm definitely gunna be there this Thursday as I get paid on Wednesday, who else will be brave enough to show up?

  • Yup. I'll be there. 7:30ish?

  • Very much hope to be able to lift beer by Thursday fml. perhaps a straw would help.
    fucked my right rotator cuff -_-

  • i am very much not at the fucking pub. shitty co-codamol bastards

  • Is it Thursday yet please?

  • Thursday tomorrow but I have to go and sort some shit out back home, FML.

  • Steve jobs and charles napier dead on the same day. the world has ended.
    oxpints in the port mahon tonight, I will be there about 9 ish as have other shite to do.

  • Oxpints this week? I might be able to pop down...

  • Yes! lets try a little harder shall we Oxfolks ;-) We have a delegation from LFGSS Head Office to deal with on the 5th of Nov see: http://www.lfgss.com/thread74116.html#po¬≠st2466489 and may need some beer rehearsals.
    Come on! beer ftw!

    Thursdays are not such a good day for me but I can be there after 8pm.

  • I could be up for my first Ox-beer. Unfortunately I'm not currently based in town (actually out near Witney) and since my bike had a slight "catastrophic failure" on last nights commute I'm confined to buses until the spare parts arrive. I'll do my best to be there but can't be 100%.

  • ^ sounds good, need any parts?

  • nearly finised work!! will be a poo my hoon very soon.

  • sorry, couldnt make it in the end, next week i'l try harder!!

  • ditto... just got home from the office :(

  • Next Thursday I'll be there, I promise.

  • had pints, and accosted some french blokes who were talking in french very loudly and drunkenly, Imagine their suprise when they found i could swear in french just as much as them! Oh oww we laffed! next Thursday then.

  • Having said i'll try harder next time, i've already failed! I cant come, but the week after.....

  • Are oxbeers still happening? I've just moved up this way and will be in Oxford Thursday night.

  • Bit hit and miss mate I might pop into the port for a jar later on about 8 ish if your there I'll see you. me = fat old bloke with huge movenber mostache and a pint. normz in the garden if its not too cold. caferacer is there sometimes as he likes a pint.

  • Ok well I'll keep an eye on this thread and post if I'm planning on popping in there on a Thursday (or any other day). My job hours are all over the place at the moment so I can't really plan too far ahead. There's always Oxfork in Magdalen Road after the alleycat this Friday too, I hope to be able to turn up there.

  • ah yes, fine fodder and top teas

  • I propose changing the day of Oxbeers!

  • To what day?

  • I hadn't really thought about that.... kinda depends whats good for everyone really.

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