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  • 15x10' is the dream. My FiL has a shed about that size that he uses to drive his lawnmower in...

    I quite simply couldn't be more jealous of people with large gardens - mines more of a yarden at this stage. Got a long old ways to go.

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  • jealous of people with large gardens

    Don't be, I live in Thornton Heath. And check the gardening thread to see where it started.

  • That feels quite big, I'm sure you could do a lot with it. Ours also feels like a yarden. Never really sure what to do with it, probably deal with the paving and concrete to start with.

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  • Looks like we're in a similar position tbh - i'm a bit loathe to pull up slabs that look perfectly well laid, not cracked etc. At the same time, I've pressure washed a few in the corner and they don't come up looking inspiring - a bit on the grey side.

    I've always liked a brick wall and there's one around the outside of the garden that's covered in a pretty horrible render, its quite tempting to knock it all off and repoint it and see where I land. My other half wants to pull up the planting on the right side as that's where gets the sun towards the end of the day. Lots to decide, very little budget to play with.

  • jealous of people with no garden

  • Soon...

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  • Squee

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  • I like the fisheye effect that makes it look like a vaulted ceiling

  • First of the storage in. Those shelves were more of a fucked to put together than they needed to be. I have another of those benches to put together too (tablecloth is because we had pizza in there this evening).

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  • Wired

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  • Replaced the main door hinge screws with these

  • Tool wall

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  • Crap accumulating already

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  • Crap accumulating already

    I need to stop this

  • Nice that - espesh the brick pavers - id just re-grout or whatever - plant it up and add a shit tonne of pots + forum approved hay palisade table and benches. I wish I spent less on landscaping and more on plants when we did ours.

  • Quality evenings shedding. Have lost my Stanley folding knife that I use for marking (the one that takes the replaceable scalpel looking blades) so decided to try making a handle out of some oak strips I have. YouTube in the back ground and a couple of beers. Ended up with a working, if blocky, prototype. Needs a lot more shaping, but it was getting too late to run the vac so will come back to it.

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  • Lunchtime sanding

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  • Installers came out to fit the missing second roof light.

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  • Looking good! Eagerly awaiting your youtube channel

  • On today's episode, we're going to fuck up some simple joinery, get drunk and cry. Don't forget to like and subscribe!

  • looks very nice #shedenvy

    I have an 8'x6' shed inherited with the house when I bought it 25 years ago. It's still going strong but my mate has an 8'x8' summerhouse that needs a bit of renovation that he no longer wants so I am going to have that off him and replace my existing shed sometime over the summer.

  • Has anyone got any experience with one of these types of metal sheds?­-x-4-171m-x-113m-lotus-pent-metal-shed-i­n-anthracite-grey/p5471
    Looking at getting one for the garden and wondering how easy it is to put together but more importantly, how easy it is to take apart again.

  • I moved in to place with an old shed like that. It can be dismantled easily but I don't think it would last if it was rebuilt repeatedly as the quality isn't great.

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Show me your shed

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