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  • The local Costa Coffee was good for TetraPak donations, apparently. Biggest pain was cleaning them all. Lots of folding and a staple gun otherwise.

  • I've got 8 bikes hung along a 3.3m wall, so 6 over 2.5m should be fine. You might struggle to have space for a bike workstand and a bench. I can just fit a workstand against the hung bikes and have space to work between that and my bench.

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  • Don't go smaller, you'll always fill the space with more tools / wheels etc, and it's better to have space to move whilst you're working, or re-arranging all the crates to get to the one at the bottom.

  • re-arranging all the crates to get to the one at the bottom

    Fully triggered

  • You have lots of space, you're not allowed to complain.

  • This is my shed. There are many like it but this one is mine...

    2 m x 2.6 m or 6' x 8' it was in the garden when I bought the house almost 25 years ago. Since then I have re-painted it multiple times and re-roofed it circa 2019 as well as adding the guttering and it has 3 slimline water butts collecting the rainwater.

    One of the biggest impacts was last year when I washed the windows on the left hand side for the first time ever. It made an amazing difference to my ability to see what was going on inside where it houses various garden tools and machinery.

    I was planning on extending it to the left where I have 1 m/3' of space and was looking for some ideas. I would ideally use the existing left hand panel with the window and simply move it out 0.75/2' by extending the front & rear wall with some additional shiplap. However I thought the extended flat roof might look a bit naff and it would be more of a crawl space on that side as I couldn't stand up in it.

    Alternatively I could cut down the centre line of the front panel (and the rear) and add some shiplap to make a sort of Gambrel roof but with a flat section at the top and the existing roof hanging off either side. Does that make sense?

    Any thoughts, comments or ideas?

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  • Excuse my lack of MS Paint skills but the new sections on the front here in red (and on rear panel and roof)

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Show me your shed

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