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  • Finished work bench, added power, installed coat hooks. Now done.

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  • Are those IKEA shelves too? I need some for my loft.

  • He definitely did a better job than I would have, really sound bloke who has been doing shed and garage bases exclusively for over 30 years.

    Shed looks great, you must be well pleased. Who would you recommend contacting for getting a shed/garage floor, just a regular builder?

  • Yes, IKEA hejne. Cheap and cheerful, they do 2 depths which is helpful. After much consideration I went for shallower. Easy to put together and although flimsy feeling at first, assembled and screwed to the wall at either end they’re rock solid.

    @jambon I was recommended a small (father and son type business) builder, who recommended this guy - said he does all their concrete bases. So I’d suggest finding a decent builder and going from there. Thanks for the comments. I’m pretty pleased, building a shed this size on your own definitely not a great idea, some parts were a real challenge. I’m good at problem solving though and came out having learnt a lot which is definitely worth the stress.

    I must be getting old, because I’m really excited about being able to sort out and store all my tools and other stuff. 😅 already designated the top shelf of the work bench as the tool shelf. So happy ☺️

  • Thanks a lot, this is really helpful. It sounds and looks like it worked for you so will probably take your advice and start with a decent builder and see what they suggest.

    That's not being old, that's just having your priorities in order. I'm the same :)

  • Not exactly a shed, but I guess tier 4 will give me more time to work on the grandkids treehouse ....

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  • great treehouse

  • Quick question (searching within this thread showed no results)
    Need to replace a couple of shed windows, Acrylic or Polycarbonate sheets?

  • Acrylic sheets from Wickes were quite easy to cut if you take your time and score it properly before snapping it over an edge. I only used a Stanley knife but it might be better with the proper tool. Haven't tried polycarbonate.

  • Restarting the Shed thread. Just poured 4 cubic metres of concrete for the back wall and base of my 'shed'. One wall backs on to the kitchen and the roof was already there so I had half the work done already. Had to excavate the same amount of dirt as concrete that was put back as the clay slope behind was tumbling in to the space. Excited to start building up the walls and getting the bikes hung. The floor measures about 3m x 3m, hoping to squeeze in 7-8 bikes along the back wall on Steadyracks. Door on the right hand side and workbench along the front with a window above.

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  • doesnt look big enough... Pour more (its probably bigger than my flat)

  • Looks great. How are you going to stop the clay slope sliding onto your shed rear wall in the future, is there more concrete behind the yellow shuttering at the rear?

  • There's a small base to the wall, i'll put in some drainage behind and possibly more into the slope. Then I'm reducing the pitch of the slope a bit to relieve some of the pressure. I'll probably plant some nice deep rooted shrubs up there too.
    The wall is 20cm thick and well reinforced too. It's not ideal, I'd liked to have been able to push the concrete out under the slope a bit more but with restricted access and bad weather it wasn't possible to take out any more. But I think it's already better than it was before. Also the wall and eventual framing should spread some of the side load on that post at the rear, especially as we get can get big dumps of snow in the winter, I did have slight concerns before about the whole structure folding and tearing half my house down.

  • You could put in some dead man anchors relatively easily, I reckon.

  • Trouble would be digging the trench to set the anchors as the top of the slope is fairly inaccessible by digger.

  • My dad used lockdown to tidy his stuff up. Was a bit jealous

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  • This reminds me of Richard Wilsons creations

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  • Living in a small apartment this is all I get :)
    At least my girlfriend already agreed the next place we get I will have a room just for my shit, bikes, gaming, etc :D

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  • I got the airing cupboard 😂

  • I see what you mean !
    Still not completely finished.....

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  • Shed Help: I have a brief opportunity to get a slab dug and laid (dug by end of day), I'm taking advantage of a chance without having done much planning other than day dreaming.

    6 bikes plus the usual gubbins - few crates of stuff, some power tools: any recommendations on size? Is 2500 x 2500 going to be uncomfortably small?

  • It'll all fit (I've got 4 bikes plus a Brompton, wheel bags crates etc in half that surface). More space means easier access to bikes though.

  • That's the bit I'm trying to figure out: how much space is enough space to be easy vs over doing it!
    Thanks for info though, good to know smaller would work fine too.


    Not mine, but a friend's on his allotment. Clad in old TetraPak.

  • That's amazing – beyond my abilities I think but I'l show that to my allotment neighbour, reckon they'd be all over it

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Show me your shed

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