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  • Does anyone know where the height restrictions for sheds under permitted development are generally measured from? i.e if I dig down so my FFL is at what was the ground level, is my 2.4m from that floor level or from the new, lower ground level underneath/outside?

  • ground level surround ing the structure

  • Well the front will hopefully be level with a deck, so if I just pile some earth up around the sides then I guess that counts as 'ground level'?

  • yeah, probably not touching the sides, though

  • Yeah I'll likely build a small retaining wall at the side to maintiain an air gap and create a small platform for water butts and such.

  • by the way i'm not a planning consultant, so do check my working, but that's what i understand it to be.­TTc&ab_channel=AliDymock

  • Thanks, that video is really helpful.

  • I'd check the local planning portal too - I've dug down 30cm so that I can gain height in my garden office, but it's still a little tall.

    I did check the local applications though, and it's apparent that the planing officers are more than happy to give people a little leeway.

  • Cheers, yeah was going to give the local planning office a call/email to ask the question.

  • Shed Dreamin'

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  • Or maybe this...

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  • I could do this forever rather just getting on a building the damn thing.

    Might not go the whole width of the garden though, and leave a little space to stash a water butt/compost heap etc.

  • Lockdown 2 project, was delivered on time today (my scheduled day off) but isolating because of a corona at work last week so all 3 of my potential assistants (plan A, B and backup plan C) were unable to assist me.

    Made just the right amount of progress between delivery and night fall. Not meant to rain tonight and hoping I can get roof done tomorrow.

    That guilt when your new shed is bigger than some London studios....

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  • You have action shots? Great looking shed-mansion

  • Did you pour that concrete pad yersen?

  • 2 sheds and a greenhouse? Luxury.

  • No action shots I’m afraid, was too busy not to damage something to get selfies.

    @fizzy.bleach actually I planned to and did the groundwork myself but was running behind schedule. Ended up getting a quote for £30 more than the cement pour alone was going to cost to do the lot.

    @hiraethus a garage and 4 bedrooms too - the joys of not living in London. Soz. (Why do I need a shed?!?!?!)

  • @fizzy.bleach actually I planned to and did the groundwork myself but was running behind schedule. Ended up getting a quote for £30 more than the cement pour alone was going to cost to do the lot.

    what do leedses's'ss finest charge for something like that, out of interest?

  • I had cleared the area, de turfed, dug down and put 2 tonnes of hardcore in but not levelled.

    He quoted £270 for levelling, boarding in and cementing. I was looking at £240 for the appropriate amount of concrete to be delivered. He definitely did a better job than I would have, really sound bloke who has been doing shed and garage bases exclusively for over 30 years.

    I gave him £300.

  • the joys of not living in London

    this is real

  • Not bad at all. I need a similar base next year so might give you a shout for his number and see if he'd come to manchester

  • You have action shots?

    Here’s one from 10 mins ago

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    funny man!

  • We have shelves and a repurposed old IKEA table that I’m turning into a work bench - didn’t realise it was egg box inside so might replace the top in the future with something more solid. Going to add shelves to the work bench with a surround tomorrow.

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  • ^ Impressed you managed to match the curvature of the back wall of the shed with the shelves.

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Show me your shed

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