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  • What are the other jobs?

    If water is entering the shed there will be ongoing damage to the contents and eventually to the shed structure itself. Surely that's got to rank fairly high when prioritising jobs?

  • Well...

    If I can just paint over; that’s probably easiest done ASAP.

    Shed is full / over flowing...

    Patio just needs grouting now that’s all laid.

    Bathroom to have a proper shower fitted / retiled

    Fences more paint

    Most of the house needs paint touching up

    Loft boards need actually fitting

    Bla bla bla

    You are right, need to get the shed water tight

  • I've had moderate success with liquid rubber paint, but my roof is EPDM. I've just (hopefully) addressed some water ingress around the up stands of my skylights with some of this stuff, which I think you can put on pretty much anything. I've yet to see if it's any good though, having only done it today.

  • Tool storage improved this evening.

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  • Ace! I'm currently building a chest like that out of ply (because I have a hell of a lot of it lying around). Could you do me a favour and measure the internal depth if those drawers - both the deeper and shallower sets - if you have a sec?

  • Sure thing, vertical depth? Do post photos here when done.

    Vertical depths of 4, 6 and 14cm. This is without the foam liner on the bottom.

  • Thanks, that's perfect info. I've been measuring things and trying to work.out what I need!

  • I'm conflicted.

    I mean, I like what you've done, but the concrete blocks cemented onto the top of the stone wall is pure puppy killing.

  • Progress with Shed 3

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  • I know. It was like it when I moved in and fortunately I won't be able to see that bit when I'm finished.

  • So my new place isn't going to have space for a large shed like where I am now :(
    However, it does have an passageway down the side that leads to the garden. I'd like to cover this and use it in lieu of a shed but really don't want the faff of attaching to the neighbour's house or the clutter of posts.

    Stupid idea, or plausible?
    Also, suggestions for a cantilever truss design would be really useful if anyone has experience with them.

  • Look great so far!

    If you can, try to insulate underneath and put some sort of waterproof/breathable membrane!

  • Thanks, there is a good degree of airflow underneath and it’s being built by the same chap who did Shed 2 (which survived being 18 inches under water for a week in February) so I’m leaving it to him (plus I’m clueless).

  • And here’s current status - a wall less summer house for the week while we wait for the cladding you be delivered

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  • Shed just got real

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  • Cool to see a variation on typical stud wall design looks economical

  • Chap who built it from scratch has done a lovely job (even if having to order new materials every other day did get a bit old)

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  • Has anyone taken a garden shed apart, repaired any rotten bits and rebuilt?

    I'd like to take this apart, repair it and put it back together turned around 90 degrees and the windows side swapped to the other wall.

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  • The inside is in good condition but the lower parts and wooden bearers need replacing.

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  • A new door needed and I'll refelt the roof (thinking about 'fake' shingles to make it look fancy).

    New weatherproof paints on the outside and replace the glass with a plastic version instead.

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  • I was thinking of buying a new one but I think this is salvageable and I'd rather spend the £500 on tools to fix it and be able to keep them afterwards.

    So. Any tips?

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Show me your shed

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