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  • Internal shelves, bike storage still to do. Currently just piled up inside

  • Dull post alert – instead of following my shed-shaped dreams, we're going to replace our 7'x5' shiplap summer house (that is more patch repairs than shed) with something vaguely similar. Does anyone have any recommendations or warnings when it comes to buying a fairly standard shed?

    Would be nice to keep it under £400 as the existing one isn't on a proper base so going to be investing $$$ and my spine in a gravel and slab set-up.

  • Have you thought about building one yourself (rather than a kit)? Having done both now, the former will always be my choice in the future. I've ended up with a far superior result for similar (possibly slightly less) money.

  • Considering yeah, but I nearly committed several murders putting some decking together this weekend so I’m not sure it’s in everyone’s best interest

  • Urgh. Shed office WiFi woes.
    I’ve got my office maybe 8 metres from the house and have constant issues with internet connection. I’ve been using a powerline setup but it was so unreliable - constantly telling me I had signal but ‘you are not connected to the intetnet’. I just bought a new range extender in the hope that it’s any better but I have the same issues.
    Anyone had similar problems? Found any solutions?

  • I ended up fitting a wifi booster in the attic, and then a whacking great pole on the shed with a usb aerial on top. The shed is quite a bit lower than the house, so the pole is to bring it above the garage directly behind. I get about 1/3 of the wifi speed available in the house.

  • Is it a powerline or WiFi booster? One uses your wires to extend, the other a WiFi signal.
    If you have power linen to the shed, you could use TP Link powerline jobbie.

  • I was using a power line (I've got power running from the house to the shed) but it was pretty unreliable. I thought an extender might be more reliable but I seem to just have the same issues.

    @BareNecessities that's a beast - I'm not sure my wife or the neighbours would be too up for that!

  • Perhaps a more powerful powerline booster?

  • I've just tried setting up the extender again - I've turned off the 5g so it's only extending the 2.4g network (longer range). Its working (currently in shed posting this) which it wasn't doing at all half an hour ago so we'll see how it goes.

  • I've just ordered a new shed...

    Quite nervous about it. Should be arriving in the next few weeks. Putting it together is going to be tough!

    Hopefully it arrives early morning and I can get cracking on in.

  • Ubiquiti have some solutions for that kind of stuff.

    The Nanobeam does distant connections, may be slightly overkill. Or the uap-ac-lr may be sufficient if there is nothing blocking it.

  • Love finding threads like this. 3 part shed post from me. I really want this to happen but hard persuading the old man
    1) Current shed and annex part of house. The space by the shed next to the lawn is NEVER used.

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  • 2) The annexed part is a complete mess, as evidenced by the pictures. Old man argues that half of it is just rubbish and the space just needs decluttering and organising. The shed has some rubbish in it but is mainly just storing lawn mower, rakes, 3x bbqs, plant pots etc. No shed inside pic on hand.
    I keep some bike stuff in the hall which is annoying

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  • 3) Worth mentioning at this point that the garage at the front is really tidy but it hasn't got space to keep my bike tools and stuff unfortunately.
    The thing I want to do is get one big shed to replace the existing one and use the underused space in the garden. Then have the annexed part of the house empty and not need tools in the hallway, to create an office or guest bedroom. Bonus pics here are some sheds built by my friend's step dad (they have 3 in their garden, two pictured) and add in cool front doors. He is retired and I'm sure would do mates rates on a custom shed to fit the area and have a big wide door.

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  • Had a row with the supplier of my semi DIY shed

    Not sure I have the skills nor the tools to build from scratch. Any ideas / help for a summer house and shed of about 12x10? Any good 'lego' shed Companies out there?

  • I need to run cables into the new Shed I'm building. I I'll have to go in through the side wall because of where they come from, I can't go under the floor at that point.
    What's the best way to make the junction into the shed neat and waterproof?
    Is there a special box or something? Or is it just a matter of filling the hole with foam and silicon after?

  • How many cables? If it's not too many; i'd just silicone (or anything else waterproof) it up and be done with it. There are waterproof junction boxes but for easy acces I'd run the cable inside, fill the hole with some solicone and use inside junction boxes.

  • Thanks,I think you're right. It's the simplest solution.

  • I have another related question.
    I'm insulating the walls with PIR/cellotex. What do you do where there are going to be sockets and light switches etc?

  • insulate everything, afterwards hole saw where you want the sockets and light switches. I forgot the dimensions but there is one diameter that is exactly what you need for sockets/light switches over here. I imagine it's the same in the UK?

  • Thanks, I think all our backboxes are rectangular or square though.
    Also the foil side of the PIR will be the vapour barrier. I'll be taping all the joints with foil tape, I guess I'll need to foil tape all the cutouts?

  • Hi,

    It depends what your budget is. Argos do some fairly cheap sheds.


  • I am looking into options to get a shed in my garden.

    This appears to be the most cost effective option at present:­40mm-roccopro-storage-4-5mx3m/

    What sort of things should I look for?

    I need it to be waterproof, insulated to an extend and safe, that's pretty much it.
    I will get it rigged for electricity at some stage so I can do all the bike fixing in there.

    AL Timber recommended:
    Regarding the base: a flat, solid, level base is required and this can come in various forms, concrete pad, concrete plinths, paved base, timber framed base, breeze blocks, decking, and sleepers.
    If you want to use the garden office all year round, we would advise you to insulate the floor and roof with a Celotex insulation boards and upgrade the cabin with a double glazing.

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Show me your shed

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