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  • A good story and a good bit of kit.
    Wound the jaw out and off, scraped out the old greased up saw dust deposits, wire brushed, re-greased the screw and rail/contact points.
    Finished off with a squirt of TF2 and a wipe down. It will outlast me for sure. Has been in the family for at least 50 years already.
    Can get them so cheaply too.

    Going to look around the industrial estates at the weekend, i should be able to knock up a bar stool from scrap timber and knock up a couple of shelfs as well for above the work lamp........ see what timber/pallets are knocking about.

    Its my first shed, i am a bit excited, it may have a short lifespan if i get a Mapp gas torch :)

  • New shed - a double garage with a workshop out back.

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  • needs a fuck off massive range rover in there.

  • needs a fuck off massive door to get a Range Rover in there :)

  • Sledge hammers are cheap!

  • Dibs rubble

  • Dunno, you might just wedge a low Sport Range Rover in there, pretend your ram-raiding.

    I think this thread may have some tips­79/?offset=375#comment13364439

  • Several coal sacks of rubble for Thrasher on that one :)

  • Some of us don't have gardens but you always find a compromise..

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  • Is that the red chesini that was on ebay recently?

  • Don't think so the seat tube is split, the front end was good so the frame will hang on the wall for aesthetic purposes only,

  • Shed pics

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  • It will accommodate workshop, turbo trainer, bike storage and music collection.

  • Proper Jel.

  • This is my shed,could do with a bit more space though 😳

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  • Last year I quit my job to go freelance, so decided to build myself an office shed thing in the garden. So far it's not fallen down or leaked and it's super toasty, so I'm counting it as a success.

    Old photo of exterior (bikes sold, child more bolshy now)

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  • Does Buz operate a micro brewery in his shed ? :)

  • As per littleK, some do not have gardens, but lucky enough to have a bike room instead :-)

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  • meth lab ? ^^^^

  • Yes I do,purely for home consumption of course😳

  • Been cracking on with sorting my man cave/garage over past couple of weeks. Still plenty to do, so much shit, so little space (and yet so lucky compared to many)

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  • So envious of you're double, one of the houses we looked at had a double which would have been amazing but it was just out of budget. Still, very fortunate to have the garage and just need to use space as economically/creatively as possible.

    Feels like a weight off my shoulders now I'm making progress.

  • Upstairs in the garage will become our guest space, a huge double bedroom and bathroom. Once it is done you two should come and stay for a weekend.

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Show me your shed

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