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  • Both your new one, and the shed you visited (no, I don't recognise it) are excellent sheds. Envy!

  • Colin Furze's? Very cool if so, he seems interesting. Would love to have a chat with him.

    What's the green and black thing with yellow sticker on it in your shed (second picture) btw?

  • It is Furze's shed. A friend knows him a tiny bit and bought a tour of the bunker (and shed) at a charity auction. The bunker is even more impressive. I got to have a go on his flame throwing electric guitar!

    The green and black thing is one of these:

    (wood chipper) but smaller and electric. Also not used for legs. Its incredibly loud and fairly slow so we just switched to burning it all instead.
    Its upside down in the picture.

  • That's quite some transformation/revelation!

  • Oh my, that's a lot of ivy.
    Must be satisfying to slowly uncover the shed underneath though.

  • Would be great to get thoughts, I have a 4'x10' shed at the bottom of the garden that is falling apart, looking to replace. It's hidden away behind/under a tree

    I could buy one "off the shelf" (estimates between £550 and £800), or build one myself. Given all the experience on here, any rough guesses on what it would cost to build myself?

  • There are always upgrades and tweaks, but this is doing me proud...

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  • Very nice - especially like the wide open glass doors

  • spring clean today

    all this

    came from here in here

    with this still to do later

    anyone want some free tyres

  • So there's a competition for shed of year in some publication.

    Will probably have some nice one

  • Anyone had experience of building a shed/outhouse base with poor access? Barrowing enough materials for a 5mx4m slab through the house isn't my idea of a fun weekend. Was wondering about screw piles etc

  • No experience, but planning something soon. I'll probably use metal post shoes set in or bolted to small concrete foundations to minimise the amount of concrete required

  • Yep. Did my studio on 12 concrete piers. It’s 3 yrs old now and as level as it ever was (which is... level-ish!)

  • One of many things to deter / stop

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  • I need to fix my window(s).

    They're currently secured with wood strips, but they are pretty dry and a bit ropey. I was planning on using putty, but someone said you don't use putty on shed windows.

    Anyone know why?

    Here's a pic of it currently. The inside is a state so will show that off once it's a bit more organised. The wood stain / ronseal took forever - easily 5 coats, 8 in places.

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  • Do we do shed critique? This is my plan so far. It will be adjoining the wall at the end of my garden so I'm going to have to get a PWA. I'll probably add in a window. Will be clad in OSB, Tyvek & Shiplap (probably).

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    • shed 001.jpg
  • Following some building and garden renovation work I was getting sick of storing tools, bikes etc inside so time to build a shed...

    Two walls already there so makes life a little easier.

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  • Left over DPM and clay tiles being reused

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  • Doors and cladding

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    • 872EC2EB-2AE7-45F9-B1B3-7826B8FF8C05.jpeg
  • Some matching planters built... just need to paint it all now.

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    • 2B9F23C4-C070-4D53-BFC0-F69A1E0919EB.jpeg
  • Smart. Internal pics with bike storage etc? I'm imagining hanging up loads by alternating front/back wheels.

  • thats some great work!

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Show me your shed

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