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  • Show me your shed. I'll show you mine.
    I tidied it today so I want to show it off, obviously.

  • there is no camera on this earth that can make photo of my shed. Its built of stone and half underground, there are anywhere between 6-10 bikes at any one time and no matter how much I tidy it, its always too full of junk.

  • I've 'sorted my junk' today by putting stuff that really ought to be binned on hooks on the wall, instead. Currently 7 bikes in there, and new project on the workbench (mystery 531 tourer/CX)

  • Rad

  • Thanks Ed, I did a search for shed but didn't see anything!
    Will close thread.

  • deep trawl
    maybe we could merge a few sheds into this

    had a quick tidy of the man cave / shed today

    when i moved into the house it was like this

  • tidied it up to look like this #

  • I've just moved to a place without a basement or shed, so my current set up is a dining room/workshop combo. As soon as I start full time work I'm going to get myself a council garage.

    Current situation:

  • Dicki, that shed looks excellent. Is that a woodstove in there?

  • yup, a yeoman exmoor

    has them as a kid growing up
    when i move out of london i'll have them again
    no nicer or warmer a way to heat a room

  • Looks ace - I'm jealous. I don't know much about 'stoves technically, other than there was (still is!) one in my parents house and it was warm and nice. I want one too, but like you say it's off the agenda while I still live in London.

  • New series of Shed of the Year just started on Channel 4 - srs bzns

  • George Clarke though :(

  • got a wooden shed meself, site stated on deeds, wondering if I can get away with turning it into a brick one, wishful thinking probs

  • How did I miss this thread :-/

  • Lives in a flat no shed :(

    But flat has open fire and wood burner :)

    Would swap for that bothy style log cabin on best sheds

  • Cheers for that, MM. Just looked back at my old thread and discovered a load of broken picture links.

    Microcosm at work again, I suppose :-/

  • Just installed peg board

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  • Strong board. Little gap tho.. whats going in / would you like to go in said gap?

  • I have a set of torx screwdrivers, also need a new set of cable cutters.

  • My first shed.
    Never had a shed before. Got this for 3 years so made it a bit more useable.
    Got some old pallets and a chucked out pine bed side runners, a bit of old kitchen work top.

    First job, a big cup of tea, then turf out all the spiders from Mars with big teeth and hairy legs.....

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  • A couple of hours and 2xlarge mugs of tea later.

    Tools hanging out of sight.
    Small workbench, light, vice still to be fixed down.
    This will be the dirty workshop, so grinding/painting and minor metal works that i shouldn't really do inside.
    Hopefully might try some Mapp-gas brazing so this is also a kick starter for that, as i now have somewhere to play i might get a cheap torch and some practice bits from ceeways :)

    Need's some old race plates and bike junk hanging on the wall, may have to see if i have an old Streetfighters centerfold as well.

    Considering my slap dash attack on the shed and the wonky nature of the material used the bench is pretty level.

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  • Still got to bring my bench grinder home so imagine that sat on the bench, might find a bar stool too.

    The vice.
    This has history.
    Yes a boring old vice.
    Go back to the early 1940's, the Record factory got heavily bombed.
    Vices where a critical part of the unseen war effort, an army of blokes and ladies working at home in the garden shed turning out small vital parts.

    Paramo works made iron castings, mostly pipe and covers. They where retasked by the war department to start production of Record vices as they where to important to lose production due to bombed out large factorys.

    I have a Paramo Record :)

    Just needed a quick flash over with the wire brush, squirt of lube and ready for action again.

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  • a boring old vice

    Great story: the prosaic aspects of contemporary history are too easily lost.

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Show me your shed

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