Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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  • Super C is a great size for daily use. It is big though as @King_Saxlingham observes. I think the big bike makes it look smaller than it is.

    @JimmyAl Restrap fast straps which after much experimenting seem to be the best for it due to the grippy nature of the hyperlon

    @withered_preacher rattle rattle donk better than the sag

  • What are people using for weather app’s is MET still best??

  • I bought some Topeak when I was in Germany last June and they were good. I liked that they were plastic not metal so didn't mess up things. Easy to mount and remove without fully removing the screws. Had good holes in the back for routing the straps through, came with them and additional mounting hardware for suspension forks.

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  • ended up getting these!
    just used for an overnighter and seem pretty decent for the price

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  • Dotwatcher last email had some LOMO bikepacking bags. They're normally doing drybags but looks like they're branching out. £20 for a front roll and maybe £30 for a saddle bag. Maybe someone to watch if you're looking for budget bags. #noaffil

  • I’ve got one of their frame bags and a couple of their roll top duffles for the cargo bike/packraft and rate them. Similar to ortlieb but without the premium price, not quite as well finished and function over form at times but good for the price. Definitely not in the lightweight category!

    Seem to get good rep over on bearbonesbikepacking too­he-budget-bikepacker-1-lomo/

  • I used to us, seemed like it was good for mountain areas. Now mostly just use met office.

  • Windy. Multiple models.
    For UK I'd imagine met office has some of the best models. But sure you can look up a statistical comparison online.

  • know what you mean but I quite like them for the price. The smaller ones are definitely to be avoided though as the stiffness makes them pretty useless. The 15 litre ones are a really daft short stubby shape which makes them near useless for strapping to some things. When folded closed is nearly a football. Ortlieb medium weight (350?) far better, and ther 13litre bag is a nice long thin shape - good for strapping.

  • The smaller PX packs? I have the small seat pack. I only just noticed myself that there is a plastic insert that comes out that makes them way more flexible...if thats what you were referring to.

    I got two PX dry sacs for fork bags but they weren't the right shape as you say. I went for AlpKit fork bags, in the end, and was very happy after replacing straps with Voile. Although it hardly rained on my big tour, cant comment on waterproofing for instance.

  • I meant the drybags.
    as here:­/podsacs-roll-top-waterproof-dry-bag

    Personally, because of issues noted above, I wouldn't go below the 25 litre one (but then I use a rack) - great value at currently £9.99 though. I like Podsacs stuff - used to do some good small strong mesh stuffsacks but haven't done those for a while.
    For straps I used rokstraps (beloved of the motorbike fraternity) and Nitize adjustable bungees - sod conventional bungees - work of the one-eyed devil.

  • Well there you go, perfect!

  • Met Office forecast is pretty easy...
    Rain and wind
    Rain and wind
    End of days

  • thanks all! already using windy and I like. Good to see some MET integration!

  • Super C Audax has arrived and it looks perfect. Think any bigger would be unwieldy on a rando rack. Have ordered a slice of corex for £2.50 delivered to stiffen it up

  • Enjoy! After 1 big tour and 3 years of quite regular and heavy commuting use I’ve found a hole in the side of mine where the broomstick has poked through. Will need to patch it up.

  • Any recommendations for bar bags? Going to do a (light) bikepacking trip and want a bag for the front for food, passport, etc. Needs to be waterproof but I guess 3-4 litres would be enough.

  • Waterproof would mean welded rolltop which only leaves Ortlieb. If water resistance suffices (19/20 times it does, just put your passport in a ziplock bag if there's going to be heavy rain) the bigxtop bar bag is a very clever design:­ag

  • I have a waterproof zip bag which I use inside anything that is "waterproof" if I need to carry my passport or something like that. I've asked a couple of makers in the EU what they have (there's a guy local to me, but waterproofing or even waterresistance isn't his jam). I'll have a look at the bigxtop.


  • Ah if you're in the EU Rusjan does some magic with waterproof bags. I unfollowed when they started sharing anti-vax stuff but they're hardly the only maker with questionable views. If "waterproof" is enough anything with a floating liner will do.

  • +1 for this, I've toured with it for years now, love it.

  • Another +1 for the Bigxtop.

    Really great, well designed bag.

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Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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