Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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  • Is it a weight distribution thing? Or is it putting everything low to reduce back coverage?

    I still use an old Camelbak setup. 3l Mule maybe so now sure how these would compare.

  • 7L hip bag! why?

  • To carry 7L of stuff.

  • To carry 7L worth of frozen sausages to lob at you.

  • "We're gonna need a bigger bag!"

  • Foolishly bought the smaller size Wildcat tiger saddle harness and really love it but now after the larger drover size. If anyone has one to sell or on the off chance they want to swap?

  • Yes i think so , lower down so you don't get such a sweaty back but compared to a normal hip pack the weight is more evenly distributed .

    I think for XC Marathon or rides like the Lakes 200 for example it could be really good.

  • How big a drybag should I need to fit a small 1/2 person tent (VaudDe Taurus 1 -2.4KG?) into? 20l-40l?

  • Measure it packed as you'd carry it on bike without poles. The weight doesn't mean anything. A quick google gives, presumably a cylinder, dimensions of 50cmx17cm.

  • Which would give you a bit under 12l. I thought 20-40l seemed excessive.*

    *Unless it's beer for the trip.

  • Thanks folks, thats helpful. I was thinking maybe 20l so I could fold it once more and get it fatter? 40l defo too big.

  • I'd pay careful attention to the likely diameter of the drybag once filled. IME, larger drybags can end up rather unwieldy in cross section. Pretty sure you'll be able to find something suitable in the 12-14l range.

  • I fit a similar shaped Mountain Warehouse tent sans poles & pegs into an 8 litre Sea to Summit Dry sack.

  • Cheers, where do you keep the poles?

  • Either in a frame bag or strapped to tubes/racks with some Restrap straps.

  • Ha, I've seen this bike IRL just yesterday. Yannick is colleague.

  • Had this tab open in my phone for 7 months. So glad I got around to watching at last.

  • Regarding dry back under the bars, why not mount one of these and run straps over this and the bars at the same time? At least that's my plan.

  • I have also planned to the same on my bike for use of bar bag, in lew of those foam spacers between bag and HT

  • Flat bars? No problem. It's just on drop bars you can't ride on the tops any more.

  • I can definitely live with that. I hang out in the first bend / hoods / drops.

  • This was me at the weekend. At 10km not the longest bikepacking tour. The best thing about it being that, this being the Netherlands, nobody batted an eyelid

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  • ^ quality!

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Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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