Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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  • This is a great watch - nice alternative to the usual bikepacking youtube stuff. Gets it done.­Ywc

  • Been looking for a dry bag with a way to bleed air out of it for compression, anyone got any experience with the Sea to Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack? I'd be using it with a bar harness to put my sleeping gear inside.

  • No but the normal S2S drybags have been good to me.

  • I've used the granite gear bags with an eVent base before. They work, but the 'body' is very light and was quite easy to puncture. I don't know how well they'd hold up in a harness on a wet gritty day.

  • Yes I have one.
    Why do you need a bleed valve? I have found if you turn the top once on a bag, then use a knee to compress no valve is needed really.

    As atk said. I tend to double bag, or even tripple anything important. My sleeping kit goes into a sea2 summit ultra sil bag, and then inside of dynemma or thicker tri laminate bag. Sleeping/insulation isn't something to try save gramms or a little space when it's so vital.

  • I've got a thicker drybag already so the idea was to do exactly what you say, compress and shove inside another bag.

  • Cool. Personally I wouldn't other with compression one you can get 8/10 of the effect with a knee.

  • The difference with some of the valved ones is a few euros and a few grams. Seems increased simplicity might be worth that. Will have to have alook around

  • untill the valve fails and lets water in....

    seems simplicity might be safest....

  • True. That's why eVent seemed like a good option. Worth researching/reflecting tho

  • What’s the forum-approved fork mount cage thing? Passport look good and cheapish.

    Is there a standard bolt requirement/spacing for these things? Will two pairs of bosses siffice, or is there always three pairs?

  • Would be nice if it matched bottle boss spacing.

  • Free Parable Gorilla Cage is also an option. Can be mounted in two or three holes, depending on weight. Can also be mounted with their monki clips which allow easy on/easy off mounting if you don’t want them there permanently

  • I'm pretty sure they're always the same as bottle spacing. Two should be ok up to 1kg or so, forks with 3 are normally rated for 3kg per side. What are going to be hanging off it?

  • Good question.

    Having work done to a fork, thought I might add three pairs of cage hangers instead of just two pairs for bottles. Just want options really. Will ask the framebuilder to check boss-spacings obvs. Just hoping someone would know here.

  • Have some blackburn cargo's going cheap if you want them. No need for bosses either.

  • I’ve had one too many rides with numb fingers over this winter so I’ve bitten the bullet on some Revelate pogies, just in time for the weather to warm up!

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  • was contemplating these - how you find them?

  • Only arrived yesterday so haven’t used them yet. Initial impressions are good: well put together, simple to attach and fettle to get the right fit.

    Probably a bit pricey for what they are, but there are no alternatives in stock anywhere in the UK that I could find, even these were ones that Bikemonger happened to find in the back room! I think there were a few more pairs that are available still.

  • I remember Bike Whisperer had some pogies in their stock for a while.

  • If you still have these I’d be interested if Skully isn’t

  • Boom, sorry I missd that Thrasher. Hoping to sort out bosses so I'd prefer those.

    Still haven't quite established whether gear cages 3x bosses and spaced the same as bottles or differently, getting mixed messages. Can any kind soul who has 3x bosses do a measurement for me please? The internet googlefu is weak with <this one.

  • Oh wait, hang on, @Thrasher just looked at photos of these, they seem to have bolt holes too. Well seems like @C4r1s has dibbed em. Are there holes for three mounts?

  • My velo orange piolet fork has 3x bosses spaced 65mm apart, same distance as bottle cages. It worked well with planet x plastic cargo cages and drybags.

  • If you want them then go for it! Was only interested if you weren’t 👍

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Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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