Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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  • Found the thread. Bought a few bits to make a pouch... just need to borrow a sewing machine now

  • looks amazing. any more pictures and/or a write-up? love valencia

  • Here's some notes of Winter packing from Lewis Ciddor, Tour Divide winner, that I transcribed from a video of his:
    I like seeing exactly what other people who are experienced and talented use, maybe it's of interest to someone else also.

    down to -4 two nights

    camelbak water vest
    rapha brevet insulated gilet
    5.10 kestrel pro boa
    UD trailrunning gaiters (keep sand out)

    #seatpack - camp gear/end of day
    firelighters x2
    15ml measure for meths
    meths bottle
    alcohol stove (homemade)
    pot lid
    aluminium foil windscreen
    cleaning cloth
    ti snowpeak pot/mug
    terra rosa cuben tarp with guys - dimensions roughly 2.7x1.5
    thermarest xtherm full length
    montbell bivvy
    cumulus 0º sleeping bag
    sea to summit thermal liner
    instant coffee
    instant miso
    freezedried meal
    spare tube

    #tt bag
    k-lite usb charger
    battery pack


    2.7l of water on bike (3 bottles)

    #micro framebag
    tiny smoove lube bottle
    crankbros multi tool with chain breaker
    repair kit - pads, link, dynaplug, gerber mini multi tool, tire lever

    #front revelate acc pocket
    garmin inreach mini
    thin fleece gloves
    sony rx100
    spare batteries
    toilet paper
    deuce of spades
    water filter

    #front roll bag
    one end for stuff during day
    other end for puffy jacket / end of day
    montane minimus rain pants with calf straps
    reflective ankle strap
    montane minimus 777 rain jacket
    borah gear event rain mitts
    arm warmers
    leg warmers (full length)
    montane microgrid fleece with hood
    montane microgrid beanie (wear under helmet or to sleep)
    macpac microgrid thermal leggings (sleep)
    thinner spare socks
    montane prism booties (camp/sleep)
    patagonia nano puff hooded synthetic jacket

  • Honestly, the best I have is Strava. It wasn't a huge amount of riding but it was fun.

  • Thanks mate, this is very helpful.

    I'm trying to figure out how to insulate my sleeping set-up without spending a fortune. A thermal liner is a good idea.

  • Always so impressed by/jealous of set ups like that. I look like I'm trying to make it to China every time I go for a one night bivvy in the woods.

  • more you do it more you'll know what you dont need. Mike's Set up for 2,745 miles:

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  • Thing I’ve found hardest on bigger trips is keeping warm at night - have carried layers that I’ve not needed 1000 miles but also wished I had carried more/heavier when wearing all the layers caught out by surprise night time cold. Such a hard balance to strike. I think in future I would always carry merino long Johns for unexpected night chills and camp site mozzies.

  • merino long Johns for unexpected night chills and camp site mozzies.

    You must have pretty whimpy mosquitos if they can't get through wool long johns!

  • yes, I used to have this problem, later solved with:

    • lightweight merino leggings, wool socks, beanie: low weight items with high thermal insulation
    • making sure sleeping pad has a high R value = good insulation from ground
    • eating fat rich foods before sleep which keep you warm
    • if in doubt, taking a slightly warmer sleeping bag, as sleeping bag insulation is always optimal in terms of grams per centigrade compared to down jackets/down pants etc
  • Anyone got anything to like this they want to sell me? Would need posting unless you live in Edinburgh.

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  • Wowsers. WTF is that?

  • WTF is that?


  • Yeah, I want it.

  • Looking to buy a stemcell bag. Most seem to be around £20-30, the wizard works one is £60. Can't tell much difference between them all. Any reason to go for the wizard works over the cheaper ones?

  • Any reason to go for the wizard works

    Maybe that they're made in London, so you're paying some locals, there's no shipping (I'm assuming you're also in London) so in theory it's a greener option than buying Revelate.

    Wizard Works is made up of a team of 3 humans and 1 robot. Every Wizard Works bag is made by one, some or all of us right here in Peckham.
    We love being a small manufacturing company, every bag is brought to life by the sounds of dicso, maybe a little techno and probably a healthy amount of 80s synth pop hits

  • I think in future I would always carry merino long Johns

    Well probably more protection than nothing

  • Any reason to go for the wizard works over the cheaper ones?

    no, unless you have an instagram addiction

  • Any reason to go for the wizard works over the cheaper ones?

    as a WW owner who has used the bag exactly 3x to carry some coffee outside gear a total of 10 miles to local parks i can say, without a doubt, the extra £200 over other bags is worth it.

    I felt more confident, i felt faster, i felt safer from cars, i think people who saw me, cyclists and drivers alike recognised the bags i was using and gave me that respect.

    Showing friends they were floored, the crafstman ship is easy to see, even if one is not accustomed to such quality workmanship, truly i would not take any other bags having gotten a petronas and a david blaine, much like their name, magical.

  • Thinking of getting rid of my unused revelate kit, I got it christmas before last to do some wild hammock camping but then ended up spending most of the time since then looking after my mum and my bikes not even been ridden in about 16 months.

    What's a reasonable asking price for the following. both in brand new, opened to test fit but unused condition.

    Revelate Sweetroll Handlebar Bar - Large - Black (red bits on harness) (includes additional jones bar attachment kit)

    Revelate Viscacha Saddle Bag - Black Red

    I was thinking £90 each

  • Any recommendations for a canister handlebar bag?

  • Carradice Zipped Roll ftw.

  • @farewell what did you go for? I need a couple. Too much choice! Would be nice to have WW but not personally got that much ££

  • The new carradice bike packing bar bag is an improvement on the zipped roll. Good design, reliable, well priced, good size.

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Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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