Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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  • Bargain Ti mug (it's great, had one on continuous use for 5 years) here:­/advert/bikepacking-kit-msr-ti-and-sleep­ing-bag/

  • This your sale?

  • lord no, just a recommendation bcos this question always gets asked

  • @TM, what size Pelago is that?? I still considering purchasing one

  • King Alfred Ways looks like a winner for trip away...was initially thinking something further afield but King Alfred would be less of a ball ache to get to and looks like it fits the not too technical and journey length. Thanks @Skülly and @Thrasher

  • I see you started that thread three months ago, have you tried it? Would have asked you about it when we met if I’d known... think I might do some of it soonish

  • planning a full circumnavigation 15th> 19th/20th. Anyone's welcome to join.

  • Large.

    They’re good racks, a little flexy when heavily loaded.

  • I'm a bit late to this but I have a Pelago rack with front panniers and it works absolutely fine for these sort of trails

  • Perfect. Going to add a strap around each onto to take some strain off the mounting and try to load it with bulky and light stuff.

  • Bags worked well, the pod sac/on one bar bag itself was great, zero issues. The holster for it was way too floppy before I added plastic inside, would waggle constantly. The bar/frame a attachment velcro that came with it went straight in bin, used some better stuff. Added two extra straps to hold bag up against bar instead of hanging below. Worked perfect zero flappage even on some decent descents.
    Rear bag was a madison own brand "caribou" bag in large. Packing it well gavr a decent shape. Wrapped an old tube on seatpost and over frame to add grip and reduce chance of ripping on qr. Added one extra strap around saddle rails and the bulk of the bag, made a big difference to swaying and the bag wanting yo slide down seatpost.
    The smooth drybag inside the outer works really well, makes getting stuff in and out a quick job. Not gong to last a rtw trip, but totally fine for us occasional riders who maybe use it 5 to 10 nights a year

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  • I had a practice pack/run with my new Krampus build. Feels surprisingly agile. I only have a -10øC rated sleeping bag which is prob a bit overkill for this warm weather and making me need a huge bag up front.

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  • bar and grip ID?

  • DMR half flange deathgrips. I'm going to put some ergos on for the miles tho. Bar is a motocross ebay thing. I've got the same one on a few of my builds and after riding that back/up sweep everything else feels really uncomfortable. Plus it was only £15 and I can't justify spending £75 on a Surly Sunrise.

  • looks great! how hard are grips to install?

  • very easy they are lock ons. i will never go back to non lock on grips. too much faff and hairspray

  • DMR half flange deathgrips

    Just fitted some of these to my Pompino, they look & feel ace, and were simple to fit.

  • D4 bike pack ing bags getting close.

    I like the look of the handle bar plus accessory bag. Especially if it's decathlon pricing.

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  • Odd coincidence, I’m sure saw one of the top centre bar bags in the wild today. Looked terrible, saggy and ill positioned. The 2 stripes made me think it was some sort of Rapha Walmart edition but makes more sense that it’s decathlon. Maybe partly down to packing but didn’t look like there was enough support of the dry bag in the middle.

  • Vagabond kind of ready for a wee bit of bikepacking. Upgraded to shimano 1x10 set up and deore brakes.

    Bigger volume tyres and Carradice Camper are also new.

    Considering getting the SKS 75U mudguards, would be interested to hear any opinions on them.

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  • You cannot simply put voile around your panniers and call it bikepacking, this surely violates some kind of rule?

    Looks great though.

    IME the sks mudguards in that style are okay (I have some full alu ones) but the stay design is daft: how they bend in and are attached under the mudguard rather than over it means the guards are forced a fair distance away from the tyre.

  • Ha I'm glad I'm getting mine painted becausy vagabond build will be almost identical!

    I've ordered 60mm GB guards for mine. I was also thinking about getting straps for my panniers too, what length are you using please?

  • I had 60mm GB fitted @spotter but the rear cannot fit over this 2.3 tyre, too tight between the seat tube and tyre.

    @alialias I'm wanting lots of clearance if it gets muddy so might try the guards. I'm sure using the small panniers won't win me any IG points but seems sensible to keep the load low and this way I don't have to totally change the bike to go back to commuter mode.

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Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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