Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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  • Felt like this deserved a trawl after I spotted this review. I'd already heard how apocalyptic the LEJOG ride was, so fair to say the bag was well tested­gs/roswheel-offroad-handlebar-bag

  • I'm thinking of getting a Super C saddlebag to use on my handlebars like a cheaper version of a Fabio's chest. Would I need a rack to support it?

  • What is the drop distance to your tires?
    What kind/size of handlebar?
    Type of brakes?
    Stem height?

    Finally, the super c is huge, short answer is yes.

  • Lots of questions, I'd have to measure, but it would be on my 29er so no mudguards and a reasonable height. I guess it makes more sense to find someone with one to try first.


  • I think it would be fine - I run a slightly smaller carradice on the front without issues on much smaller frames. I use an old inner tube to wrap and compress the rear bag on my bike which gets pretty close to the tyre.

  • Mack workshop and bigXtop both posted, in the last 24hours, they are going to stop making bags. Both are U.K. bag makers.

    Bigtop -­?

    Mack -­shutting-up-shop

  • Sad day for the UK bag scene but best of luck to them both, hope they can find enjoyment again.

    A friend said recently that rather than as the old quote says “choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” that when you do what you love, you’ll end up hating what you loved. Kind of felt there was a bit of truth in there.

  • Shame about both of them shutting up shop. @spotter i’m Currently in the process of making my own ‘saddle bag on the handlebars’ ala carradice style. It’s honestly not too difficult and I fact there’s even a guy in the comments on a article about the same thing whose shared his pattern for doing it which is useful in figuring out how it all goes together!

  • Like that, thanks. Will have a go at it myself.

  • Ace, will keep it in mind.

  • Incase anyone is looking to get a titanium mug/pot for their bikepacking escapades, I have some custom BRP ones on the way HERE.

  • Voila! My diy Fabio’s chest is almost done!

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  • That's great. Well impressed

  • I wonder if they were unable to earn a living from it, or just not able to keep up with the orders?
    If the latter, what kept them from expanding by taking on other people to help with the work?

    There seems to be an appetite in the USA to pay extra for hand-made goods, but we are very price-sensitive in the UK, to the point where people complain about the cost of high-quality hand-made goods as though the customisation aspect is somehow a bad thing!

  • Bombtrack are now selling their forks direct, good for adding mounts and dynamos

  • This is exactly what I need to make Pickenflick a great bikepacking machine, no fork mounts are my biggest worry right now. Now just some nice discount needed :)


    So fresh there's still random stock photos in there

  • Damn wish I had known, looks better than the fyxation one I got.

  • Very nice, about to finish my DIY Shazam too.

    How does your sewing machine cope with the webbing? I'm working with the industrial machines at uni now, and they go through it like butter. But the lab owner is starting to frown at me more and more now it's taking shape and becoming clear it's not a study related projected. I can borrow my mother's little machine because she never uses it, but I don't want to break it on the first attempt at sewing on a piece of webbing.

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Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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