Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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  • Where did I mention any saddlebag, and what does my crowdfunding thread have to do with anything I said?

  • Liberty? I don't know the story here.

  • Haha...looks like your comment has just gone through it's 4th re-design too!
    If you want to criticise me TM, at least decide which angle you're going to come from first so you don't have to keep editing words like 'bitter' and 'move on' from your post. :)

  • I felt I was being overly harsh on reflection so edited to be a bit kinder. Would like to see you make BRP great again, rather than wallow in grievances over what others are doing.

  • Full sus frame bag, are revelate my only option?

  • The lady that runs the YHA is super lovely. I arrived after dark once and asked if she sold any booze in the tuck shop, she didn't but she went to her own fridge and gave me a can of lager. Legend.
    Ask her if you can camp on her grounds or if she wouldn't mind you popping in the morning to use the facilities. Worth a punt.
    Around the Loch is a deer reserve so probably not officially wild camp territory, although I'm not sure if it's around the whole loch.

  • There's a difference between wallowing and having an opinion on a subject I feel very passionately about. Especially one that currently has so much plagiarism in it.
    As I said... I never mentioned a saddlebag, or "R" in my post... I simply gave my own opinion on a subject that another forum member posted about, and that I was discussing with a fellow bag maker just a few days ago.
    With regards to's moving forwards all the time... I just can't make anything public at the moment for the very reasons I was just discussing. It's not easy to come up with new ideas in such a saturated market, so I have to keep my cards close to my chest for the time being.
    But BRP will be greater than ever at some point in the hopefully not too distant future.

  • Thanks - I saw a report on a forum of someone wild camping discretely on the south coast of the loch, so hopefully it will be OK. We're not yet into stalking season, I think (late-Sept/Oct?) No availability at the YH unfortunately but have asked about camping in the grounds/use of the facilities - thanks for the tip.

  • If you're on facebook, you could ask on the bikepacking scotland page, usually pretty helpful

  • Rail looks promising, insofar as it isn't dependent on the style of seatpost clamping mechanism (c/f Alpkit's Exorail).
    Webbing ladder fastening system is interesting, but I'd like to see (if there is) some degree of adjustability to take up slack after the buckle has been engage with the webbing.

  • Thanks - good tip. The YH manager has confirmed it’s ok for me to camp on the grounds - use of the facilities a no go tho unfortunately as the YH is let to a private function on that day. Now swithering on whether to book a hotel one night near the end - too many wild camping days for my liking ;)

  • Was looking at this yesterday, looks good but a bit unpolished.

  • It seems a bit odd that the photos on the site show the pack used with w bike with a rack fitted.
    Any thoughts on the top tube bag? I can’t really see the inside very well. On my Restrap TT bag the net inside bits have collapsed and don’t really hold things up unless the bag is full.

  • Just goes to show that all these are racktop wannabes.

  • Yeah I said the same about the rail, it could be decent to just hang a drybag off. Looks like a very similar clamp to the bagman they sell, just with capacity for these rails on the outside

  • My bar bag on my commuter bends my brake hoses all over the shop. It's been like that for about four years with no ill effects.

  • All good, managed to fit it under the hoses so the bends are less severe

  • Little clip from riding the Badger Divide last week.

  • ace, where did you stay?

  • Melgarve bothy on first night, under a tree the second.

  • It seems a bit odd that the photos on the site show the pack used with w bike with a rack fitted.

    If the bike in question what I think, it's a Sven Cycles commissioned by Carradice that they feel the best representation of themselves.

    I don't think they'll start comission another bike for their new line-up anytime soon given the current market and Brexit.

  • Thanks, I wondered why they did not remove the rack for the promotional shots of a product whose main benefit is you don’t need a rack. The bike itself looks great.

  • Anyone wildcamped near the Elan Valley? @pit @platypus @zigbit I believe you've been over this way? I've read the wardens are not keen, and there's little cover around there, but the nearest campsite is £25 which feels a little steep to sleep in a bivvy for a few hours.

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Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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