Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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  • Yes they’re on the website.

  • @spotter - registering my interest in the holder if others fall through

  • i actually thought it included the bag - i am going to pass. all yours if you want it, moocher.

  • Im going to take it off the market sorry, a friend just told me they wanted it.

  • Does anyone have a thermarest or similar up for sale at some point?

    Manchester/ peaks area short bikepack trip suitable for a first trip

  • -- Looking for Bikepacking routes in Scandinavia --

    I'm after some scandianavian routes to ride in august (maybe).
    Must be a lot of singletrack - routes for MTB not gravel bike
    Don't mind extensive hike a bike and rough terrain!


  • You can easily narrow your search down to Norway, Sweden and Finland then :-)

  • the Kungsleden is the classic Swedish trek. Looks hard af.

    I remember reading an article on a bikepacking trip in Sweden, I'll see if I can find it.

  • what's wrong with denmark :~?

  • thanks - yes.
    options seem to be mostly hiking trails, which you can then try and ride most of
    want to do a loop - denmark, sweden + islands, bit of finland, then to somewhere when I can get a train home. maybe norway instead of finland. I get 31 days holiday straight so good to do a big trip.

  • Some STW input

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  • Not much fun bikepacking on mtbs

  • did you er, see this. It worked for me for 4 years

  • No camping in the wild and not many trails. Sweden is so much better. And cheaper. And they have bacon cheese in tubes.

  • This is not an advert, but to be transparent, I have been testing kit out for them:

    My friend who used to work as a designer at Rapha moved to Shanghai a few years ago and has been working for Roswheel - They have just launched their new series of bikepacking gear which is mentioned here on bike rumour

    I've been testing out the road collection and I'm really impressed with it. Welded seams and well put together - I'll be using it in the TAW in June. In particular, the seat pack is really solid with no sway at all, I used at on the Transwales last weekend with all my lightweight sleeping kit in it. I really like the look of the off road stuff but have not tried any of it.

    The full frame bag I'm using is a sample and I'm expecting a new version soon. They are hoping to do custom size full frames bags in the future which would be pretty cool and I'm pretty sure it would be a first in terms of custom fully welded construction.

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  • That’s pretty interesting - I had some experience with the Roswheel parent factory about 6 years ago and the manufacturing quality was pretty good, though the luggage and accessories were terribly designed. Things have cleared moved on loads

  • About a month late, but I did my first solo bikepacking trip last month - Geneva to London in 6 days, with a few consecutive 200k+ days (practicing for the North Cape 4000 in July). I’ve done touring trips with friends, and training-camp style things in the Alps before, but this was the first time combining the two and doing it solo.

    First impressions are good - I’ve had 3-4 months of gradually building up distances and conditioning myself for longer distances, so my legs weren’t falling to pieces after it all. Knees were another matter - pain on inside top corner of kneecap at the beginning of each day, which gradually faded away after the first hour or two. Anyone had this before? Should I be worried??

    Gear-wise, the bike did really well, no major mechanicals and very few minor ones. A dry chain was my biggest issue, I’ll definitely be taking a small bottle of lube next time. Aero bars felt like they were at the right height, but I need to swap to S-bend extensions for ski-bend ones instead. I’m looking at the Profile Design Legacy II bars as an option, any others I should be looking at?

    I wild camped one night, campsite another, then hostels for the rest of it. The bivvy bag + sleeping bag + puffa jacket was manageable down to 8 degrees but wouldn't want to go much colder. Here’s a pic of the bike loaded up (Alpkit framebag, saddlebag and top tube pod, Apidura bar bag):

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  • very nice bike/setup! Is that @broken_777 's old bike?

  • It is! Been running like a dream.

  • Any recommendations for a basket bag? Have got a large Wald and the Specialized Pizza bag is too small, plus I'd like to be able to use the bag off the bike r.g. with a shoulder strap or similar.

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Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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