Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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  • if you need one short term you can borrow mine.

  • Ah cheers mate, very kind, but will grab my own. off away on a few trips this summer, always have a stove on my trips but never actually bought something to boil shit and left that to others.

  • I use the Alpkit 900ml.

    Often comes up on their sales.

  • Dyneema seems a bit OTT for a string 😂

  • I've just watched the full Ice & Palms - absolutely awesome. So much envy, basically a dream trip for me. Plotting and saving begins...

  • Right, I'm riding to Rotterdam and then Sheffield via Dunkirk starting early next week.

    I already have a full compliment of Ortlieb panniers and a Tubus Tara rack, but no rear rack as I destroyed it on my last big outing.

    I don't want to carry all the weight on the front rack as the bike will feel terrible, so do I buy a new rear rack or go for a pizza rack and saddle bag approach. I'm aiming to keep weight down to a minimum on the bike, but the weather forecast(tent or bivvy) will have a bearing on that as well. Thanks!

  • I enjoy Blackburn front rack - kinda like a pizza rack - with two panniers and basket on top, combined with révélate saddlebag

  • Do you have a photo of your setup on here?

  • Pelago rack, front panniers, stuff sack on top and frame bag for anything hard or heavy. If you need it, a small saddle pack like the Restrap 4L for easy access extra layers.

    Alternatively basket on top for flexibility.

    I was underwhelmed by my Blackburn front rack, flimsy alu and very small top “platform” area. YEMV.

  • Yeah, they do 2 widths, i have the wider one - great rack.

  • How about pairing my Tara with one of these?

  • Open platform of the Pelago is a benefit in my mind when compared to the Pinnacle one. Wide, irregular loads - not a problem. Virtually indestructible too.

  • This is the ultimate basketpacking product. Takes small panniers and you can fit all kinds of stuff in the basket.
    Or get the small commuter rack and zip-tie a wald to it.

  • I've ridden with variations of this set up and I love it. I actually really like having most the weight up front. Last trip I'd switched the Carradice for a Topeak Backloader.

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  • This is the ultimate basketpacking product. Takes small panniers and you can fit all kinds of stuff in the basket.

    I actually like that, especially since it's made with a basket in mind and keep the weight down without needing an actual rack plus basket zip tie to it, the question is whether it's as strong and stable, or it's the conservative party.

    I just checked the spec; the basket one is 1.2kg, the actual Commuter front rack (small) is 1kg, 200g more with the basket.

  • Aha.. I have the larger platform rack, which is definitely heavier than the rasket.
    Still, would buy again.

  • How is the handling with the panniers mounted relatively high up compared to the lowriding Tara?

    I really like my Tara but thinking of adding a basket on the front too and that pelago combo looks great

  • This another option I've been considering but no mention anywhere of its weight. (I imagine heavy!)­k-basket-combo

  • Be sensible and pack heavy stuff at the bottom of the panniers, handling will be fine.

  • Very nice. Don't suppose you commute through Angel?

  • Heard basketpacking was going to be big in 2019

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  • Such a good looking bike!

  • It’s a bit tarty but I love it 😂

  • Not me. I have seen a number of this colour riding about all over the place.

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Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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