Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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  • I've taken a punt. I was going to buy a full frame bag from them but they won't do dividers or additional pockets which is a pity.

  • Thanks for the shout on these. Got mine today. They even threw in the zip ties to attach to my bagman which i asked for, which is nice of them.

    Seems to be made by Marpeneta so thanks to them.

  • Which colour? Jealous

  • Apidura to me have somewhat missed the mark with their latest Racing series...­es/

  • Just got the light carradice audax @amey posted about. Perfect size for fitting between dirtdrop handlebars, fits bivvy, sleeping bag, down jacket and a rain jacket with a bit of squeezing. Pretty happy.
    Only shame the bright lining is only on the rim rather than inside the whole bag.

  • What width is your bar?

  • genetic digest 44cm

  • Really like these, looks great on the front like that.

  • If i wanted to switch the bars on my steamroller from my current easton monkey bar risers to something a bit more bikepacking friendly what are the consensus options?

    would prefer to stick with riser bar position with single front rim brake/lever.

    and what bag to pair with it? my hammock camping gear for winter is pretty bulky due to thick down under/top quilts so looking for something with plenty of space.

    planned use would probably be cycle route style rides nothing too major

  • For bulky light stuff a harness/holster with corresponding drybag will be best. Made by revelate, restrap, wildcatgear and probably lots of others.

  • those kind of bars are what i was thinking of as have seen them knocking around on a few threads, cheers.

    does anyone know how well they work with something like a Revelate sweetroll?

  • genetic digest 44cm

    Excellent, 46cm bar work just as well.

    Might stitch out the side pocket tho.

  • Weird. I’m sure they would, if you paid. Perhaps it’s hassle. But they can do it!

  • I emailed and asked and they said no. I don’t have the same sway as you do!

  • I’m surprised.

    Wildcat will.

  • @cjr Restrap were doing custom dividers but had issues with people changing their mind at the last minute/after production had started/finished so stopped doing them. Plan is hopefully to introduce some standard divider options some time in the future.

  • Emailed them. Due to to unforeseen circumstances they cannot produce custom frame bags at this time.

    I’ve actually got something in the works from a friend and I also found Straight Cut Dedign which is a guy based in Edinburgh. Not cheap, but will do a fully custom bag including direct mounting onto bottle bosses.

  • So santa is bringing me a revelate viscacha and sweetroll for christmas, I just bought a set of the alpkit confucius bars and have been fitting them this eve in anticipation.

    if I want to fit lights and stuff to the loop part of the bars i will need adaptors of some sort as my mounts are all 31.8, anyone know of any generic shim type things i can throw on there or have any suggestions for better mount options?

  • electrical tape

  • Old inner tube, electrical tape, rubber spacers from other lights.

  • I need a cheap largeish frame bag and there 2 options at planet X for under £30. Anyone used them?

    There's a Woho which I think is an AliExpress job and a Vincinta which is big.

    Any opinions on them?


  • Maybe some of the Minoura space mounts

  • This seems like quite a good deal. Anybody on here who owns one?

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Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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