Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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  • I think the peak district is a nice ride and easily accessible for all....

  • Was anyone on this? Anyone got the route? Sounds promising.­084839021691/

  • Ha. Looks like that's where we're going. Anyone got a good 3 day ish loop?

  • What sort of terrain are you after?

  • Mixed really. Think more gravel/adventure bike than full suss.

  • I know this thread's more about kit, but does anyone any short routes around the New Forest? I'm going to test ride a Big Bro at the weekend, so a decent bivvy spot with about 20k either side would be ideal, starting at Lyndhurst.

    Also should I be worries about marauding horses!?

  • You testing it from the woods cyclery? If so they're lovely in there and hsould have some routes.

    If not I think I've got the route from the BRother int he wild route earlier this year.

    Last time we slept there it was the cows we were more worried of.

  • Yeah I am, they mentioned they have some routes but thought I'd scope it out on here too. I guess local knowledge is best.

  • Next time can I tag along and ride the all city please?

  • Currently planning a coast to coast trip - probably Wales> Norfolk as then I can finish at my folks place.

    All while trying to pack as minimal as possible. I have a saddle bag which I'm hoping will fit a small down bag, bivi and possibly some bubble wrap to use instead of a mat.

    Other than that just tools/spares.

    All food I'll just pick up along the route.

    Am I being ridiculous?

  • Of course! I did a similar trip with @AugustWheelworks years back. Was good fun. I think I bailed out just after Cambridge to get a train back to London and they did the last bit to touch the North Sea. Can definitely recommend. I've no idea what route we took though because it was before Strava...

  • The Peak 200 might be a good base for a loop. I'm not familiar with the western side of the outer loop, but I'd probably ride the majority of the rest on my gravel bike (Cotic Escapade with 40mm G-Ones). The only bit I'd not fancy would be Cut Gate, Gores Farm and The Beast (all around Ladybower). You could take the Strines road instead, which is generally quiet for traffic, has great views, and enough steep climbs to avoid any accusations that you've taken the easy option.­ak200.html

    I've also wondered about the South Peak Loop. This is a gentler option, I've thought it would probably make a nice 2 day trip out of Sheffield, with an overnight wild camp somewhere near Carsington water.­ak-loop/4591186779­k-loop-is-it-any-good/

    Also worth bearing in mind the three major traffic free trails. There are the High Peak and Tissington trails (which are connected) and also the Monsal Trail. Old railway lines, so not the most interesting terrain to ride, but mostly flat, nice surroundings, and potentially a good way to link up different bits of the Peak without having to slog along roads.

  • Sylwia rode most of the Peak 200 route from Buxton to Glossop (in that direction) on her front-brake only polo-roller. The bananas in her carradice were pretty wrecked by the time we reached hayfield and she ended up a little sunburnt but other than that we were largely unscathed.

  • Cheers mate. really useful. will mull it over with the guys


  • Sylvia is badass. She could smash it over Cut Gate on a shopper.

  • Uliqlo ultra light down vest. They have them in a fetching shade of brown for £9.90. Anyone got one and do they provide a significant boost in a bivvy bag and would you recommend?
    Don't want to stump up for the RAB equivalent, but also don't want one if they're shit and offer no benefit.

  • I take the sleeved uniqlo down jacket touring. It's amazing for it's squashed size and gives a little warmth, but wont compare with RAB or Patagonia down. Probably gives a couple of degrees to the upper body

  • I rode the peaks 200 earlier this year on a short travel full sus 29er and was pretty beaten up at the end , fair play doing it on a gravel bike !

  • I've not done the whole thing! Have done the north and east sectors though, and am pretty familiar with the rest of the areas it covers. I'd definitely take my MTB for the central loop!

  • There's some tricky bits on the outer loop too but there's plenty of road options for the rough bits . I'm planning another crack at doing it in one in August , I bailed with about 20 miles to go last time.

  • Wonderful, reckon it'll be worth a punt for £9.00

  • Straps and bungees, looks like quite a few people have them if it becomes necessary to attach things to the outside of the bike. Is there a go to brand?

  • Voile straps (Stretchy rubber ski straps) seem very popular state-side for attaching things. Not sure if they be got in the UK easily/cheaply

  • Is here anywhere in London that’s known for bikepacking luggage? I’m interested in a partial frame bag, but want to have a feel of things first.

    I’ve seen the Altura stuff, not impressed and have a Apidura seatpack which seems ok. Any other thoughts welcome!

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Bikepacking - a viable alternative to racks & panniers

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