• ...

  • Is that the final price for the Rychtarski?

  • Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice wheels...

  • Dibs terry dolan, pm on the way.

  • dolan is a fucking bargain for someone very small

    out of interest how much complete for the CB?

  • Love that Rychtarski. Would be very interested for a little less.

  • I can't seem to see the photographs of the CB. It says the album is private?

  • Would be very interested in the Bob J for a little less...

  • Would you post Brooks saddle to Estonia?

  • dibs campag pedals, pending postage to Ireland. pm on the way

  • would you consider a part x on those wheels? i have a set of very nice mavic sprints on old dura ace high flange (with the cutouts), but i just need some clinch in my life!

  • Also tempted by the Rychtarski, need to sort out some funds. Any idea how much it would cost to post and also do you have any photos of it with wheels on?

  • Cheers for the frame. Good luck with the rest of the sale.

  • Interested in the Rychtarski if it's still available. PM sent also...

  • Replied to your PM.

  • would you consider shipping to belgium for the BJ
    and if yes
    how much??

  • Can you give me a shout when the money clears for the Rychstarski please.

  • Can you tell me the lenght of the duprat crankset?


For Sale: Frames: Bob Jackson, Alan Michel, Dolan, 853 Road Frame, Rychtarski, Gipiemme Pista.

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