The 'good date ideas' thread

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  • Shame, the one is Wimbledon is where I learnt to drink...

  • I don't know why but I just suddenly remembered it and wrote it down.

    Glad you did. Enjoyed it

  • ^ Me too. Is there a thread for date experiences like this?

  • I want to take the Mrs out for something a bit different this Sat night or Sun daytime. Anyone know of anything interesting that's occurring this weekend? I'm pretty open to ideas, whether it's food, culture, music, dancing or a combination. Just something that's a bit different...

  • This looks ace, might be a fun exhibition to see before going for a meal:­/martin-creed-79080?gclid=COP5vODBo70CFZ­HJtAodGT0A3g

  • I am going tomorrow. I will report back.

  • Thread dredge! Right you lot, please help me out. First date this Friday evening with a lovely person.

    Plan A (good weather): Chill by the canal near Victoria Park and have a drink and a chat. We were looking forward to this, but the forecast predicts light rain showers.

    Plan B (bad weather): ???

    We need a good plan B for foul weather, some place near Victoria Park / Bethnal Green / Cambridge Heath to simply chill and chat. Ideally with our own drinks, but that's not a must. Could always go to a pub or bar but I'm worried most will be super busy and loud on Friday.

  • There are a few bars/cafés in the Here East complex (former Olympic media centre), right down by the canal (Mother Works, Hackney Wick Breakfast Club, etc.). Some of them close in the afternoon, but some are open later. I don't know how busy it gets on a Friday, but I'd guess it's probably less busy than the places down in Hackney Wick (Crate, Grow, etc.), being further away from a train station. If you're both on bikes, that shouldn't be an issue.

    In Bethnal Green, I like the Camel pub, which is popular, but I've never seen it hugely busy, quite possibly owing to its backstreet location. I also like the Gallery Café, but I suspect that probably closes too early for you.

  • Rock climbing.

    Is there still a place in Mile End?

  • Thanks @Oliver Schick and @hugo7 - Excellent suggestions and I'll be keen to investigate them.

    She's since suggested the East London Liquor Company as it apparently doesn't get too busy on Fridays (Google agrees), and it's next to the canal anyway. So we have a plan!

  • Just wanted to report back that East London Liquor Company (on the south side of the canal near Victoria Park) doesn't get too busy between 7:00-8:30pm on a Friday, is nice for a chat and makes a mean grapefruit gin & tonic. Would recommend. Though most tables were reserved so maybe we got lucky...

    Nice walk along the canal afterwards, turned into a mini bar crawl to Crate and Grow and another place I forget. Good times.

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The 'good date ideas' thread

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