The 'good date ideas' thread

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  • I know there are a lot of threads about relationship breakups, food, pubs and things to see and do in London, but none of them are date specific.

    I know there have to be some hapless romantics on here, so come on, spill your beans.

    Where would you take someone you fancy to show 'em a good time (or just a different side to London)? (getting drunk is fun, but non drinking alternatives would be a nice change).

    One of the funnest dates I went on was last year when there were all those pop-up pingpong tables round London. That did involve drinking.

  • do something central spontaneous then 'accidently' end upwalking over Waterloo bridge on a lovely night, twinkly as fuck ;)

  • greenwich, stroll up to the observatory, couple of vintage shops to show you can do shopping and then plenty of nice pubs/places to eat. WIN.

    oh and if its sunday you can cap it off at up the creek for some high grade comedy

  • Roller Derby at York Hall. An awesome sport in a venue steeped with date stuff!

    Next London Rockin' Rollers match 5th Sept:

  • Black hankies.

  • not all the tags are correct. ho hum.

  • Its summer time. Late night getalo at Gelupo always seals the deal

  • LSD and the Doll museum.

  • Also tea at Libertys

  • Wimpy. Sorted.

  • LSD and the Doll museum.

    This is making me cackle like a doll in a bad trip! Beats mine hands down!

  • Poots, roller derby is a good one!

    Who's responsible for these tags, and does gelati really seal the deal?? Oh my I've lots to learn.

  • reps damo...

  • LSD and the Doll museum.

    I think this would make me sit in the corner and cry 'mummy'.

  • Erm...a bike ride?

  • Roller derby is a very specific sort of date, no? Girls fighting isn't my idea of fun... but acid and freakish toys is...

  • and does gelati really seal the deal??

    No it doesn't, although the gelato it is delicious! So I think its worth it

  • Do people actually go on "dates"?

    im not sure i've ever been on one....but judging by this thread, if I ever did, I think I'd want Day-moe to take me out...

  • Xander IT'S ICE CREAM. 'Getalo' is just fancy italian parlance. Nearly. But full marks for Actual Date Advice.

  • Erm...a bike ride?

    only if shes already a cyclist, taking your girlfriend on her first ever bike ride is pure terror!

  • I always liked going to Shunt in London Bridge - really cool interactive theatre type stuff, always interesting to see people react to it.

  • i once saw a show there called martha and arthur. it was about a brother and sister who loved each and also loved baloons and were clowns,

    it was fucked up

  • Picnic/get drunk at the top of Primrose Hill from afternoon until dusk.

  • Always thought it would be entertaining to invite a lady back after the date, ask her to pick some music to put on whilst you get a drink and direct her to the music collection, where there would just be all the "Now" music CD compliations filed in order.

  • Picnic/get drunk at the top of Primrose Hill from afternoon until dusk.

    ah, who knows that Balearic/hippy/ folky song that goes "went to see the sun go down on Primrose Hill, see the summer sun go down on Primrose hill..."
    come on musos please put me out of my misery on this one

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The 'good date ideas' thread

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