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  • Hello,
    for the past few days I have been despairing of identifying a bike I bought recently,
    I was advised to use your forum to help me solve this mystery,
    So I am repeating my message to you: ![]

    Going around a flea market last Sunday, I ended up stumbling upon this:

    Without hesitation for a moment, I began negotiations with the second-hand dealer who ended up leaving it to me for 100th.
    Being proud of my little find, I began to search the forums for more information on it ... and that's where you come in,
    I did find LOOK KG176 but none with this rounded under the saddle nor this hanger straight out of nowhere which is however from Mavic and something just as unexpected, the sheaths pass inside this hanger: o

    So, do you have any info on this model? at least that matter, I see farts of rust on the right to the left, if not it dates from when? is it a good pickaxe?

  • Pretty sure carbon doesn't fart rust. #justsayin

  • Good evening,
    I look under the frame and I see that it is marked Colombus,
    do you have a lead?

  • LOOK KG176

    That's one thing it isn't. Somebody has bought some decals and stuck them on a lugged steel lo-pro which might have come from any one of a large number of builders in the 1980s or 1990s. Somebody with better recall might know whether the dropped seat stays and fillet in only one corner were distinctive of a particular maker, but they are equally features which an individual buyer could have asked for from almost any shop.

  • You rang?

  • Why does a "1985" shirt bear the logo of a company who didn't enter the cycling market until 1988?

  • Look KE75 from 1986

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  • Because they are a current sponsor and the team are wearing the jersey in Paris-Roubaix ?

  • My Look kg86 gone but not forgotten.

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  • Think I grabbed the last one. If it doesn't fit I'll put it on eBay for twice the price and list it on here too but for a bit more again.

  • Hi there,
    Lovely find you got there! It's not a Look I think though. Tubing is Columbus MultiShape, which is quite exotic and pretty rare. The lowered seat stays do remind me of French design, although I have nothing to back up that hunch. Try the pignole fixe forum perhaps, or maybe @Vaast has more knowledge in this matter?

  • To craft this jersey, we borrowed codes drawn from the striking abstract art movement of 1985.

    Until I read this, I wanted one.

  • Vaast was me when I had lost my password but no sorry : )

  • striking abstract art movement of 1985.

    Jesus wept

  • Lol yeah I know but I don't know how to @ you with that exotic font ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Hi forum members
    I thought you might be able to help me as I'm no  an expert on looks frames.

    Longer story short .
    Just swapped this bike a couple of mouths back for a a look 56 framset.
    The member didn't mention any issues with bike but obviously I didn't check it thoroughly  enough. I didn't get the opportunity to build so I decided to move it on. Unfortunately the person brought it back a bit worried as he felt it was maybe an hairline facture around lugs.What you think If it is damaged then I have  contacted he previous owner from this forum but he hasn't answered my DMs or text messages which leaves me wondering Thanks stephen🤔

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  • Got the jersey today, is there a level above FKW? Italian fit so large is like medium.

    Really like the shape of the 675, was after a 695/795 but found this at the right price. Wheels, saddle and brakes purchased from here.

    I always hoped it might have been made in France or even Tunisia. I got knocked off last week and stripped it down to inspect for damage and found a Chinese inspection sticker inside the frame.

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  • hoped it might have been made in France

    I don't think they've made frames in France this century.

  • Top end T20 track bikes are still made in Nevers, France.

    @thants how does it ride? Never sure if I like the way it looks or hate it...

  • I love it, I'm not an expert bike reviewer, but it feels like it pulls away fast (is responsive) and is comfortable on long rides. I find I'm not as confident descending on it but think that maybe due to the wheels, I have a Canyon AL with Ksyrium wheels and I feel way more confident leaning right into corners with it.

    The marmite looks do allow you to lie across the top tube when descending but I don't really feel the need (have the balls) to do this.

  • Always loved the look (heh) of these frames. Kinda weird, but in a loveable and unique way. Love that build too, bonus points for silly matchy matchy bar tape and saddle

  • the frame colours are actually coloured electrical tape, I love the mondrian colours so tried my best to liven it up, the original looked too plain

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  • No way! That's a massive improvement, nice one

  • frame colours are actually coloured electrical tape

    Looks surprisingly good now, will turn to shit surprisingly quickly. Hie thee down to your local sign shop and scrounge some offcuts of proper sign-writer's vinyl.

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LOOK - Look at them!

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