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  • It's a pretty good paint job already, though I have always admired that one Mario did - classic Look yellow / blue / red on a modern frame.

    This arrived in the post today. Pretty stoaked about building it with 11s Campagnolo and carbon wheels.

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  • Shame, I'd love to see your own interpretation of the Mondrian theme. It would be a lot of masking to do though!

  • how much more terrible are suntour bbs (1/3 of the price)?

    3 times worse 🙂
    If you're not going to make the most of this opportunity by changing cranks to external BB, then the best square taper options are Shimano UN55 or Token/Tifosi, depending on what you're replacing. In your case the Token 111mm ISO model is a direct replacement for a 111mm Campag BB

  • Took the 241 out KOM hunting in Kent today. Rides very nicely, much less noodley than my KG176 from years ago. Some worrying creaks coming from the back end though so I think I’ll save it for sunny Essex rides.

    I’ll keep smashing my 586SL up hills until it starts to creak instead.

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  • I wrapped up bars and have 2x strips of Look branded finishing tape going spare.

    Free to a good home, can even post (no charge)

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  • I hope you have Look branded bar-end plugs.

  • I also have the new bar end plugs - yes.

    Free to go to a good home, pick up from New Cross.

  • Have almost accumulated enough torts to get my 596 built.... just lacking wheels. I really want to ride this bike though, so think i’m Gonna use the Enve 2.2’s off my Talbot for now. Will be interesting to see what the weight is built up!

  • Hopefully have it all done in the next week or so.

  • Have almost accumulated enough torts to get my 596 built

    I though that was how @danstuff funded his builds, not you.

  • Early Espirit's just get better with age, bike looks great btw!

  • Getting there!

    6.6kg without cables & bartape.

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  • Heads up on here that im selling my KG381 Jalabert edition, size 53


    Selling cause I just bought a Look 555

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  • Nice. Slam* if you can, looks so much nicer.

    *17 degree

  • Brakes are death.

  • You can’t slam it anymore because of the weird and very French Look headset system. The bit under the stem is threaded and is what compresses the headset. There is no compression bung in the steerer.

    God no to a -17. They are horrendous. This set up fits me good.

  • Yup, I have a 586 too. Can’t slam (unless you get a standard headset), -17 does look good, but fit over aesthetics, obvs.

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  • Deserves a nicer crankset.

  • R8000 cranks are boss.

  • Done!
    Although have switched the saddle for a Fabric Scoop Ultimate and pedals for Keo Carbon Blades now.
    6.9kg - was hoping for less, but oh well!

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LOOK - Look at them!

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