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  • Does anyone know if i'll be able to get a clement strada 28c in my look 585?

  • It will be tight, my "28" tyres are actually under 27mm and there's not a whole lot of spare space, although the worst point is under the brake calipers so YMMV depending on which brakes you have

  • thanks! I'll buy the tyre and test it on a very clean rim then if it's no good I'll send it back to wiggle.

  • Spotted this rare beauty while wandering the streets of akihabara. The bar tape is is a sorry state, but I love the colour

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  • My excellent look set up for commuting. I'm so pleased I kept it.

  • Anyone wanna trade this (54/56) against these same in 55/57 ?

  • Did someone on here just buy that bargain kg451 off ebay? I was about to pull the trigger on it!

  • I'll just leave this here... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152415198952

  • Oh god. I'm almost glad it's too small for me. My dream frame....

  • Does anyone here have any advice on which derailleur hanger I should be buying for a KG 171? The Wheels Manufacturing number 49 looks like it might be right, but it's not noted as being suitable for the specific frame:

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  • Hopefully someone will chime in to confirm or with more details and exact model you need.. But in the meantime, here are some quick photos I snapped of the hanger on my 171. Hopefully it helps you compare..? Can get more photos/angles tonight if it'll help

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  • I have a 25.0 post that might be of use to someone here, de-logo'd and cut down System EX. I just bought it and used it for a while util I found an Ergopost. ¬£postage

  • when I had a similar issue with a modern no brand taiwan columbus airplane frame I went to my old school lbs and brought the frame. he whipped out a catalogue and we spent 5 minutes determining which to go for and ordered it in. cost me 15 euros max, fits and was a pleasant experience flicking through a greasy catalogue with a greasy man in greasy overalls

  • a pleasant experience flicking through a greasy catalogue with a greasy man in greasy overalls

    Worst Xhamster link I ever clicked

  • Thank you so much, that's really helpful! I'll use that for reference.

    @Rodolfo My LBS has a chart of all of the Wheels Manufacturing hangers, in full scale to compare. The problem is that it's difficult when the poster isn't in 3D - you can't quite tell whether the changes in depth will fit nicely with the dropout. I might just have a punt and get one!

  • hello all....I am wondering if anybody has had any problem with their 695, or other, lacquer/gel coat flaking off due to poor adhesion or a stress point perhaps?

  • For flaking off you mean chipping away? I have a couple of unexplained chips here and there on mine but looks more some debris (little stones or gravel) hit it at some point.
    Do you have any pictures?

  • I thought initially it was a stone chip, so touched it in with a lacquer touch up pen......but it spread and kept flaking off, half way up the outside off the chain stay!....I then got told by look it was chain slap.....but even when the chain is on the 39 front and 11 at the rear, the chain doesn't come close to the chain stay when bouncing the back wheel off the ground....I will endeavour to get pics up asap!

  • For posterity;
    The Wheels MFG No. 49 derailleur hanger is a perfect fit for a LOOK KG 171

  • Mate is loving his new bike

  • ebay.co.uk/itm/152415198952

    it's cheaper now

  • nice! good to hear you found what you needed :) and thanks for the future reference.. good to know!

  • I have a KG241 with an Ergopost. Pic courtesy of the previous owner (on here)

    Does anyone know the correct torque for the seatpost binding mechanism? The whole assembly feels flimsy as hell.

    Additionally, the frame has a few dings, so I didn't notice this, but there's two identically placed holes in the headtube that seem to line up with where the DT comes in. Each hole also has a small (neat) circle of paint missing around it. What is this? (Pics to follow).

  • Not sure about the seatpost torque, but...

    two identically placed holes in the headtube

    These are/were the holes for cable guides which would have been on the frame at some point. I have exactly the same empty holes on my KG386.

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LOOK - Look at them!

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