LOOK - Look at them!

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  • As with the BMC thread, so for the French frames.

    Ahh aren't they lovely. The forum has a few, so get posting.

  • Road/Track bikes only?

  • starting the thread without a pic of your own bike. fail.
    Back to the BMC thread for me.

  • starting the thread without a pic of your own bike. fail.
    Back to the BMC thread for me.

    +1, show us your beauty :)

  • Don't think I actually have any photos of it finished. The BMC thread didn't start with a readers' wife either, and I thought getting straight in there with mine would be bad form. I shall take some pictures and return...

  • get it out for the lads

    I'm going to start a Specialized thread soon. WIll just be hippy and me in there (I secretly want a look)

  • Saw this in San Sebastian. (repost)

  • look good with royce cranks I reckon

  • for MTB lovers

  • Purely an aesthetic then.

  • i've got an early carbon LOOK kg171 ...
    will post pics soon

  • My KG241 will also grace these pages once I dig out some pics...

  • http://www.lfgss.com/picture.php?albumidĀ­=350&pictureid=1750

    my old 2005 look 555

    my first full carbon frame and beautifully fabricated. shouldn't have sold it!

  • my LOOK kg171 is probably one of my favourite bikes i've ever owned... but I snapped the seat bolt and MAN, that was a pain in the ass to fix...
    anyone else know what i'm talking about?

  • 2006 Look 595, SRAM Red, TRP R960 brakes, Look KeO Blade pedals, Deda Servizio Corse stem, Zipp 808s, an obscene quantity of Look logos, culminating in the top headset spacer and the bar end plugs. When I got them I felt it was finished. I rather like it.
    I acquired the frame from a Dulwich rider in October last year and spent 6 months accumulating bits and bobs off eBay to get it all together. The only thing wrong with it is the slightly-larger-than-recommended number of seatpost spacers required to make it fit :(

  • That looks like a fucking serious machine!

  • very nice... 808s are so deep, bet that's a handfull in the cross winds. they the 88/188 hubset or the carbon capped weatherseals ones?

  • 2009 808s on the 88/188s. A little deeper than I wanted, but eBay provided them at a reasonable price, and the depth lends the bike... purpose.

  • serious bike. Do you have some normal wheels for it too? :)

  • hah nope. I have a normal bike for normal days :)

  • much better hubset... the older ones had real issues with spoke tension

  • I'm not a fan of the latest generation with the kinked top tube or those weird looking cranks and stem.

    For me this was the peak of Looks creativity (above) but it was the KG range with their pencil seat stays which first got me hooked.

  • aesthetically I think they are one of the consistantly great brands

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LOOK - Look at them!

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