CAAD10 new or ebay alternatives

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  • You can get a bargain if you take your time.

    This - things just crop up on ebay occasionally. I got a 5k bike for 2k just because I was patient and it was listed badly. Giving it a quick glance once every 2 weeks is not the right way to do it - you have to trawl.

    I've been thinking about getting a alu 'dale frame for a while to build up into a winter bike..

  • Aye, all my other bikes have been ebay deals. It's just a case of waiting for the right thing... thanks for all the recommendations guys.

  • Got my BMC SLX, from an Austrian bike shop, who were listing they're 2009 clearance stuff on Austrian EBay.

    Contacted them, and had them agree to remove the VAT for delivery to Norway. put in a bid equal to the starting bid, and won. Twas a fecking bargin.

    Watching half of europes EBay sites was a headache though.

  • I got a brand new 2010 carbon frame, that would have retailed for £2k, for £250 including shipping from France on eBay recently. The reason it was so cheap was because it was lacking a fork and a gear hanger but both are dead easy to source.

  • With my System Six the auction was pretty dead with a day and a half to go, and the guy updated the listing to say that if he didn't get any decent bids he'd pull the auction.

    Ebay then cancelled the auction on him for breaching their terms, and we concluded our business directly.

    I don't know what the bike would have gone for if the chap had let it run and the typical last five minute rush piled in, it was a 3K bike that was brand new with tags still attached, warrenty card waiting to be filled out and so on.

  • My Spot brand was just a speculative starting price, bid. While a bit tipsy.

    A week or so later I recieved an E-mail from the seller, offering to put a Gates belt and cogs in with the frame at cost. I wondered what the feck he was talking about. Then realised I'd bought a hand wielded custom painted beauty.

    The trouble is telling Mrs Smallfurry these tales. Its the repeated use of the term 'won' that seems to grate her most.

  • yeah well mine was cheaper than all yours

  • my cats blacker though.

  • Reverse racism^

  • £20 cough

  • Might not be what you're looking for, but I'm still open to offers on this!

  • ^^dibs

  • I have a canyon (roadlite - so the cheapest ALU) and it's lovely. Prefer it over a Caad. The risk of not being able to try it out worked for me.

  • A mate has one of these, which I thought was a wise buy, looks like a good package. He recently completed a 190km team race on it, and likes it alot.­t-Bikes--TCR-0-2011---Road-Bike-.html

    This seems to fit the bill too, and has decent reviews.­pro-sl-4400-double/aid:473299

  • Hi, I'm new to this forum, but this might still interest the OP. I have (due to unrelated nasty accident) an UNUSED CAAD 10 (size fifty eight) with a mix of the Annodized black dura ace frame, full carbon crank, aksiums, 105 and a couple of other upgrades which can be had for the price of the basic 105 .... if that helps (broke my arm and am a long war from riding, this happened two days after the bike purchase,so it is immaculate).


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CAAD10 new or ebay alternatives

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