CAAD10 new or ebay alternatives

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  • The CAAD10 seems to be a great buy for a new roadbike. With top end Al frame and decent group options. I'm just wondering whether for £1200 or so whether i'd be best looking at second hand options on ebay, where I could save money or get something better for a similar price.

    I'm not really that familiar with newish bikes off ebay or otherwise, and I was wondering what others had done when it came to buying? I'm a fan of the older BMC's (not just thanks to Cadel). Especially the Al/C ones out a couple of years back, and the newer ones such as:­-Road-Bike-58cm-2010-/150649951369?pt=UK­_Bikes_GL&hash=item23136fd489

    Any ideas? Is best to go for new and pay the premium.


  • how about a better equipped caad 5/6/7 i have a caad4 and it's a superb bike light responsive admittedly i picked it up about 10 years ago but it had a nice gruppo and was priced nicely and is still going strong
    400 - 600 should get you a nice older cannondale and give you up to 600 to spend on another bike / upgrades / the missus

    with a new bike the moment you wheel it out of the shop you will loose about 30% thats a silly way to loose 300 nicker

  • caad 10 is supposed to be the ultimate alu bike. I would buy one from my experience of the caad 5 and 8. Its not going to be the most comfortable over days in the saddle but will be fast and responsive.

    Im not convinced by alu carbon bonded frames. I would back an all carbon (monocoque/ bladder moulded) or a well manufactured alu frame like the dale. At the suggested price i would favor the best of alu.

  • That's very true, I suppose the only things to watch out for are badly trued wheels, crash damage etc. But then you always run that risk.

    I'll look into some of the older ones, the CAAD's don't seem to come up so often, but i'm in no particular rush. I could always spend some extra on some nice wheels.

  • they are a bit stiff but i've toured europe on mine 120miles+ per day and it was never uncomfortable
    i wouldn't change it as my long distance tourer
    in fact i'll be upgrading parts on it so it last another 10-20 years
    i'm a big fan

  • Great, I'm used to riding fairly aggressive steel bikes, so I imagine the carbon forks and improved Al design will make it relatively comfortable. I wouldn't be doing longer than 50-80 mile rides.

  • good call on the carbon forks that would make it a smoother ride

  • there is a cadd 9 matt black and a cadd 10 frameset in white and black on bike radar at the moment in normal sizes so might be worth a look. lets hope your not a 56....­wtopic.php?t=12796465&sid=fb2cef631f2a85­b4231ce9f0932b450d­wtopic.php?t=12795322

  • I'm currently struggling not to buy a caad10. You can now pick them up for £1k with 105. In my mind, the only thing "better" at the mo is the Planet X Pro Carbon Rival Road Bike.

    ...and looking on the bay for secondhand cannondales is largely a waist of time imo. I'm sure people out there have got good deals, but I've been keeping an eye out for a while and on the whole the deals in the right size are few and far between.

  • Got my System Six for £1,200 on eBay- less than 20 miles, still had the dealer stickers on the mechs, top tube and so on.

    You can get a bargain if you take your time.

  • Thanks for the links Josh, I'll take a look. I think I need a 54cm from trying a Caad8, which is odd as I'm almost 6ft.

    Hugo, thanks for the recommendation, some of the good deals online are what was tempting me to buy new, especially when the right size doesn't come up on ebay.

    And Dammit, the carbon six's are great, i'd like to try one. I kind of like the idea of going for Al, as i'll just want more carbon if I go that route. I can't replace all my bikes ;-)

  • System Six has the CAAD 9 back end, and carbon top/head/down tubes- best of both worlds!

  • the px bikes are good in terms of kit that comes with them but the frames are very average to ride. the red deal they did a few months ago was amazing value at 1200 but i would take an alu canondale every time for quality and speed.

    the other option would be canyon... they will make a great frame and spec it well for the money.

  • Funny, i've just been talking about the Canyon's. But so hard to try one, or see in the flesh.

  • I would just accept that they make good pro tour level bikes and go for it... friend just took delivery of a cf ultimate with DA and i don't think he has stopped smiling

  • felts are a bit soulless...(usual irrational brand love or hate) though not a bad deal...

  • Top end alu vs low end carbon. You decide.
    Love my Cannondale

  • thanks for the felt link,

    I'm impressed by the­.html?b=2109

    Black, double, ultegra, looks sweet.


    can you stretch? that is by no means low end carbon... shit off a shovel and well specd.

  • I could, but they've got no stock...

  • For Alu, I'd add Storck (race light), BMC (obviously), Cervelo (the S1 come up cheap occasionally) to the list with CAAD.

    Some interesting overseas options.

    Spooky Skeletor - US Crit favourate.­r

    Soul Faith - All the invations found on high end carbon, in an alu package.­n=com_content&view=article&id=28&Itemid=­38

    Velocite Selene - serious bike for the monies.­elene-frameset.html

  • Thats^not very helpful.

  • oooh, thanks for those. Now i've far too much to consider. Bloody internet.

  • im 6ft (with short legs) and ride a 56cm frame in cervelo / canyon. I used to ride a 54cm caad 5 so you may find that a 56 is more appropriate at your height. Look at the reach geometry rather than standover as they are semi compact...

    56 is in stock and you would not regret it! haha

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CAAD10 new or ebay alternatives

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