Women's bike jumble/swaps etc

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  • Hello Peeps, I thought it would be good to start a trade thread. I'd like to get some chicks together to see if they have clothes/shoes they want to trade. I've got a pile of stuff, some bike stuff, some non-bike stuff. Some stuff I've made myself!

    Here's a poll, and from that we can set up a survey monkey or whenshallwe? to coordinate times/dates of jumbles. If you know someone who would like to be involved please tell them about this as the more we have the better it will be and I don't think we're supposed to x-post. : )

    I've made it public for ease of coordinating.

  • I have Howies, Bespoke, Pearl Izumi, linen, stuff I've made, lots more. 1 sz 12 top. Size 39 cycling shoes, size 5-5.5 other.

  • You so skinny...

    This is a great idea lady. I've heard of these parties where women bring a load of clothes they don't want and have a swapping party. Awesome idea.

  • I haz heard of as an American thing, genuinely awesome.

  • I've got a tonne of bike stuff I've never worn, and some regular dresses and things too that I'm too lazy to charity shop.

  • poll, caroline, poll.

  • Can I vote twice? I've got stuff thats 8-14.

  • I'm doing a mini one of these at my house on sunday - I have too much stuff... actually, I don't want to trade, I just want rid!
    size 8ish shoes, size 12-14 clothes mostly, but some either side of that too.

  • Yes, Caro.

    Cool, hoefla, organize with the other 12-14s and have at it!

  • Rowhan, you are a boy; why did you vote on this?? Do you want women's clothing? I mean, no problem if you do, just clarifying.

  • Why am I reading this thread?

  • i gave all my clothes away last summer, but have a few tops, cardis and short i don't wear.

  • This is an awesome idea! Lots of my non-bike mates do this and it's an ace way to have a clear out and get some new garms! Not sure that I've got much to trade mind, but will have a look.

  • I've got nothing to trade in but am willing to join the fun.

  • Why am I reading this thread?

    I don't know, Prav, but it makes me laugh that you commented!

  • Do we want to give it another week with some x-posting to other sites or do you want to just organise, Hoefla?

  • you could maybe add shoe sizes to your poll, though I'm a smelly boy and won't be coming to your party due to doing boy stuff with magnets

  • ah crap, I dint realise I was organising... I might not have any stuff left after the weekend, y'never know!

    well, I don't have an abode in london, so that will be the first thing to sort out I guess - anyone want to host?

    we could do it instead of the next Ladies' Drinks - people bring drink/snacks of choice, stuff to swop, and bags. that way, the swopping is optional or incidental or whatever, and it would be more of a social thing.

    if no-one wants to host we could find a pub maybe, but they would need to be okay with us showing up with loads of stuff and making a mess, and it would be good if loos were clean enough to try stuff on...

  • hmm. thinking about it, I wouldn't fancy hosting something that potentially any internet random can access...

    somewhere like NT or RFH/southbank has plenty of loose space indoors where we could meet and spread out, and lots of clean loos (some of the RFH ones even have a sort of dressing/make-up room before the washroom bit). that would mean southbank priced beer, though, unless the weather is good enough for outside - the fake grass bit we were on for drinks recently would work.

    I suggest a weekend afternoon - I can't do august BH or the weekend after, so 10/11 sept would be the earliest. the date shouldn't be dependent on me though...

  • Oh, you're not organising totally, just for the 12-14s since you already had loads of stuff you wanted to trade/fob off, anyway. I'll pick up for the 8-10s.

  • Sorry that wasn't clearer. : )

  • can't we mix it up? it'll be more fun that way, and people aren't exactly always regular sizes in everything.

    another idea for venue is a large pub, I know one in hackney that I'm pretty sure would be amenable. the toilets aren't great though.

    10th or 11th september anyone?

  • Sounds like a good idea. I just thought it made sense for you to do one size since you already had something you were planning. It would be nice to do it in place of a ladies drinks, though. Can't think of organising anything at the moment as I'm still trying to escape work. Aaaugh!

  • ah, my thing this weekend is just a few friends coming over for tea&cake, with free clothes on the side :)

  • At most clothes swaps I've been to it's all sizes together -- and yeah, combined with a pub makes top sense.

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Women's bike jumble/swaps etc

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