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  • Any suggestions to combat increasingly problematic eye strain?
    I assume it's due to computer screen work and it doesn't help that I look at my phone a fair bit recreationally. But - I've been doing this for years, and in the spring I was spending much longer hours looking at the screen for work, yet it's only in the last month or so that it's got quite bad.
    I can't really not look at screens for work.
    Is it seasonal?
    I see ads for 'computer glasses' every so often - snake oil?
    I'm probably due an eye test and my glasses could do with a reglaze, but I don't think it's just that.

  • A mate of mine was recently bemoaning the injustice of having to have separate computer glasses, as recommended by his optician; he felt this was something that should be for (in his words) 'properly middle-aged people', rather than someone in their mid-30s. He did have to admit they helped.

  • Often these are just like reading glasses - so near distance - but set to slightly further away than books. I don't think that's my issue. Will be in a few years no doubt, but at the moment I'm still your bog-standard myopic and wear specs to suit. I will try and get an eye test soon tho in case it's changed recently.

  • FWIW I have some pressure-sold computer eye strain glasses.

    They do seem to help a bit, either to slow onset of eye strain or reduce symptoms if already happened. Cant say they are extremely effective but they do help a bit.

    Mine have some sort of coating that appears to work like a blue light filter.

    If you can do it on the cheap why not give them a shot? That said, the fact I still feel that they were pressure sold to me probably says a lot...

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Illness, Injury and Medical Advice from the Internet

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