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  • Doesn't seem to be a generic thread for hypochondriacs to discuss their injuries, ideally cycling related, and to have strangers on the internet say: "Go to a doctor", or "HTFU".

    I'll start.

    Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.­s/Pages/CubitalTunnelSyndrome.aspx

    Any cyclists here suffered from it? My thumb, ring and little finger on my left hand are a bit scuppered after doing my first thousand mile ride.

    Just got back from zigzagging through France and Spain and rather than stick to the 700 or so miles we ended up going far further - about 1200. I was cycling on pretty standard drops and varying the positioning but after about the 10th day I noticed a numbness in my left hand. It got a bit worse, then it got a bit better. And now it's a bit worse. Doesn't hurt really. Just numb and I can't extend the ring finger unless I use my right hand. Then it hurts a bit. Also my thumb particularly, but the hand in general seem to have lost a lot of strength.

    For example, I can no longer hold a fork properly. Something I discovered with hilarious consequences in a dining room on a ferry during an already rough crossing back from Spain.

    So.. Go to a GP? HTFU? RICE? Amputation? Nuke the site from orbit?

    Hit me.

  • I got that when I cycled down to Toulouse last year. It had gone completely by the middle of the second week I was there.

    As the link says, it's just where you have compressed the ulnar nerve over time. It should go away of its own accord.

    If not; amputate.

  • It's not gone yet. I'm getting the circular saw out.

  • I have a DeWalt Cross Cut Mitre saw that I am willing to allow use of to posters in this thread.

  • I went to the doctor, told him what was wrong with me and he said "You've got hypochondria". I thought, oh no, not that as well.

  • Oh, sorry, I forgot to attribute that joke to Tim Vine. Apparently the Conscience Of The Media disapproves.

  • Well, those bits of him that aren't too numb to move.

  • Come at me with that fork Bro.

  • This is what I need.

  • I have pain directly behind the joint of my knee, it gets worse with activity, and originally manifest after I over did it somewhat on the bike.

    What is wrong with my leg, oh Internet of Wisdom?

  • I know someone who's got a DeWalt Cross Cut Mitre saw that you could use.

  • I went to the doctor and I said "I'm feeling a bit quincy". He said "don't you mean queasy?" . I said "We're talking about human lives!".

  • ^Single handedly killing the forum

  • Going a bit Ned Flanders there Neil.

  • A cowboy walks into a German car dealers:


  • Medical Advice from the Internet...

  • I've just started my 4th litre of water today and my piss is still yellow.

    Does this mean I'm full of toxins?

    PROTIP: I've got man-flu today

  • should i have that 6th toe on my left foot ?

  • and i keep getting a pain in my eye every time i drink a cup of tea
    anyone know what might be causing that ?

  • Japs eye?

  • brown eye?

  • When I.

  • Should I.

  • dicki has cutlery in his arse

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Illness, Injury and Medical Advice from the Internet

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