Moving back to america

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  • And as to your 'suggestion', I definitely did not do this. Though i do like how there appears to be an assumption that this was done by someone in polo, but not (perhaps) someone like the person who stole ben's bike?

    This is what I said to Max. I'm glad he posted it, in case it was someone who in a drunken haze thought it'd be a giggle (we've all done really stupid stuff while drunk cough Max and Hassan cough Maybe me too sometimes). But I don't really see it being anyone on here.

    So yeah.

    Sucks you're leaving, Hassan :(

  • Indeed, I know we can all be dicks when we're drunk, but all being mates and cyclists it seems a bit beyond the realm of 'funny prank' to me. glad you noticed max, and glad you're knee's ok H.

  • I think that was just to you and your sweet goal keeping skills. I did try max's during the tapout but his brakes were engaged.

    I absolutely wasnt accusing you of doing it to Max, or anyone after the game. And during the game was just funny. Its a tapout. All rules are off..

    Youre right that it could be anyone. Whoever went for bens bike must have checked all the others out and taken the one with the weak locking. And its possible that those people coincidentally only unfastened one set of brakes, and those happened to be Max's..

    +1000 to the drunk stupid stuff though. Actually, I think most of us are guilty of that..

  • Found on the internet.

  • Hah

  • san

  • those had better be cheetohs, not carrots

  • aha.

    it's really sad to see you and Emma go. glad i could go to your tap out and leaving do. thanks for a great party and some awesome bbq foods.

    take it easy and good luck! hope to see you in the states sometime :)

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Moving back to america

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