Moving back to america

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  • wow sounds like a dramatic farewell... hope you guys are OK, and in any case thanks for all the good times, and for being an outstanding Zombie!

  • and life-saving mechanic.

  • dislocated knee.


    An eventful end to an eventful evening it would seem.

    Hope you guys are alright, travel safe.


  • i was very sad to leave at 10pmish, but seems like i made a good decision. What the hell happened, will miss you heaps H and E.

  • Super sorry I never made it out last night.
    When are you leaving?
    I'd love to see you before you go.
    Might even find some time for a little London Toddoo?

  • Some pictures from the guys making the teaser video yesterday...

  • love the zombie v zombie ones!

  • My picture is better:

    (In case the image doesn't embed:­497538510/posts/JfX3FFu4xdE )

  • eeurgh!

  • fuck!

  • Jesus! :o

  • omg dude, what happened, did you guys all beat him up?

  • his leg looks like a Ham!

  • Eeeesh, how the hell did that happen?! I obviously left just in time

  • Shittinghell...
    What happened? Is the bike theft and knee dislocation related?
    Hope you're ok!

  • epic pictures, epic knee, epic tapout, epic drunk; thank you everyone, yesterday was truly amazing.

    I managed to dislocate my kneecap just by falling on it, apparently i should have been wearing kneepads. it seems to be okay-ish, nothing torn or broken so thats a plus.

    was there a bike stolen?! wtf? whose?

  • was there a bike stolen?! wtf? whose?

    Check the LPC...

  • Ouch... Heal up soon man! London's loss is Seattle's gain!

    My picture is better:


    (In case the image doesn't embed:­497538510/posts/JfX3FFu4xdE )

  • That photo is gross! Really glad that nothing is torn or broken. It was a great night, looking forward to seeing you sometime in over in Seattle

  • Boooooooooooooo.

    Gutted I couldn't make it. Hopefully see you around and about Hass. Cheers for the wheelbuild and the help on court. Sorry to be losing you both.

  • Epic tapout for an epic player.

    5-2 to the LPC, is that best someone has done so far?

    Sorry i put you in an ambulance Hassan, but you shouldnt have started on me!

    Also, would just like to say, if it was any of the Polo crew who undid both of my brakes, you are an utter cunt and should be ashamed of yourself, i love pranks but thats just fucking stupid. I'm glad i spotted it (i may well not have as i was battered).

  • It was probably Emma after you fucked Hassan up!

    (seriously, that's fucking lame undoing both brakes)

  • Hassan was doing that to people during the tapout.


  • That is seriously fucking stupid.

  • Hassan was doing that to people during the tapout.


    I think that was just to you and your sweet goal keeping skills. I did try max's during the tapout but his brakes were engaged.

    And as to your 'suggestion', I definitely did not do this. Though i do like how there appears to be an assumption that this was done by someone in polo, but not (perhaps) someone like the person who stole ben's bike?

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Moving back to america

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