Moving back to america

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  • So, as many/most of you know, Emma and I are moving back to the States at the end of the summer (our flights are on the 22nd of August). We've spoken to mark @the Orwell and have arranged to have the garden out back ours for the afternoon of the 14th of August (a Sunday) and then the inside is ours for the evening, hopefully with a late license till midnight

    Ideally I'd like to have my tapout at either mitch or downham early-ish in the day, then later in the afternoon we can head to the orwell for bbq and drinks.

    Obviously, this is an open invitation to the LPC (and friends); by far the hardest part of leaving london is leaving london polo, so I would really like to have one last awesome day of friends, polo and beer.

    So yeah, please come party with us!

  • we'll be there in spirit and i shall buy thee a farewell beer this weekend mate.

  • Ill be there.

    Tapout at mitch ftw, whos got the stars and stripes?

  • Are we going burn the flag again?

  • Will bring food...

  • this is coming up really soon... we are leaving really soon

    (starting to freakout a little)

  • Dudes!
    Wow, the world claims another few LPC members away from LDN.

    Enjoy, and we will visit when we get over that way!

    Have a fun tapout and give him a dig from me guys.

    JiHaD forever.

  • I'll be over in the afternoon to wish you both well.

  • Wow, you guys! Good luck, where are you going?

  • London will not only lose an ace polo player but a fantastic bike mechanic:(
    Cheers Hassan for looking after my bikes for many years.
    Working till 1700 (Bike Servicing in haringey ironically ) with wigan will and we'll be down the Orwell to raise class after that.

  • I will bring curry and depending on what time I wake up might or might not get the vege one sorted...

  • polo soonish? i'm good from anytime after 12

  • yep ready, where, mitch?

  • have an awesome last day Hassan!!

  • Not gonna be able to catch up with you guys today, have a great trip home and best of luck! x

  • Likewise - I have to meet an out of town visitor in the afternoon.
    Good luck in the USA Hassan & Emma, hope you can make it back here sometime.

  • Emma and Hassan, as been amazing to meet you, have a nice fly back home and catch you soon in a polo court somewhere

  • Got to do a bit of work yet, but hope to get there by 2ish. Wait for me to do the tapout, please.

  • Is there a barbie at the Orwell?

  • back home now. dislocated knee. sad sad characters in the A&E. alls alright.

  • Sorry bens bike got stolen!

    actually ended up a bit of a mess, didn't it?

    well no one died, right?

    (tired, sorry)

    love you all


  • Really sorry I missed this Hassan and Emma!
    Have a fantastic time in Americaland.

  • By the sounds of that^^, some shit went down. Hope whoever is ok...

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Moving back to america

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