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  • anyone successfully imported a replica roly poly chair from alibaba ?

  • The art is very nice but I would love to know about your toaster!

  • oof. good spot! ditto

  • Looks good - what’s the plan for the front wall?

  • rowlett regent. pleasingly straightforward and agricultural piece of design imo

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  • I looked and then gave up bc it was minimum quantity order.

  • yeah some guy just quoted me $500 for shipping lol

  • Running the cables straight across and then down the boundary lines between the brickwork and pebble dash on both sides would complete it. Neat cabling makes all the difference IMO.

  • .

  • Thank you! It looks great, logo aside, but you can't have everything.

  • lfgss roly poly group buy when

  • This sounds like the start of a list…

  • how much is a single unit?

  • $55-70, plus whatever shipping costs

  • I didn’t dare be the one to say so

  • Has anyone seen any nice examples of displays within industrial spaces that work well? I'm working with a distillery that's having more and more visitors through their space on tours and visits and they'd like to illustrate some of their awards, provenance and working practices.

    There's a lot of plywood in the space already, along with concrete and galvanised steel railings. I'd like to use a big lightbox but not sure the budget will stretch that far, so my current shopping list is printed/shaped dibond aluminium and plywood. It would be great to see some successful examples as all google is showing me is industrial style domestic spaces.

  • Don’t know if they fit the bill but Jamesons and Guinness have put some thought into their spaces.

  • Thanks. They're both pretty serious visitor-centre/experiences as you'd expect from global brands but it's useful to see, particularly the lightboxes at the Guinness HQ.

    I guess the question I asked could be reframed as are there any interesting display systems that could be employed on walls that would work nicely in an industrial space?

  • I think the forum's own @dbr would be a great person to talk to. He's designed some lovely display systems with an industrial look.

  • Thanks, will send him a cheeky PM

  • Anyone know where this building is?

    I was taking a random route towards Holborn yesterday on my way home, spotted this very pleasingly finished building, thought I'll take a piccy and read up on the architects, but didn't have location turned on and now can't find it on street view.

    I think I was travelling north east towards Holborn at the time, and this must have been within 1/2 a mile of Holborn tube station.


    Interesting article.
    Ive always been suspicious of the modernists, all the unusable domestic work areas in Corbs buildings. Lloyd Wrights problem with structure and watertightness, etc.

  • Looks like The Post Building, Museum Street

  • its still an AMAZING! building! incredible! (flawed but soooo good!) anyway

    money money money... :) in the end the new one probably wont be "better"

    Designed by Swiss firm Herzog & de Meuron as a big brick barn, and linked to its neighbour by a tunnel, the Museum of the 20th Century has already seen its budget spiral from €200m to €450m. You can almost hear Mies chortling from beyond the grave.

  • It is!
    Thank you for that!
    And now I know that the architects are Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM).

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Architecture and interior design thread

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