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  • What do these people do for a living when that was their intended weekend retreat?

    The clue's in the name:



  • I only had a quick look, and I quite rate 31/44 as designers, but pretty meh about that house...

  • That’s gotta be what a £700-1m build?

    It's 450sqm, so I'd say £1.7m possibly more given the spec, swimming pool etc. Plus fee's and cost of the land. Spendy.

  • Woof just for the build!?

  • I really like it but there’s also definitely an element of the fact it’s a big project, on a barn in Norfolk that tugs at my heart strings. Depending on how much I hate the renovation work we have planned for our house next year, I think I will have to scratch the self build (architects & builders) itch at some point…

  • Finally indulged myself and have taken delivery of the Snoopy that I've always wanted. It's a lovely thing.

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  • In my experience you never regret these decisions once you can afford them :) It does look lovely.

  • Pretty basic but we just replaced our 1990’s PVC door with this. Just waiting on the letter box and etched glass to be fitted.

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  • ^that looks great - like the door knocker too - is it a snail?

  • Have you had your pebbledash removed as well?

  • I love the snail. Where from?

    My folks had a beautiful fox knocker on their side door but my dad got rid in a recent renovation. I see a lot of them about but they're too big and brassy in comparison.

  • Love this, we need to do the same soon, wooden front door prices are insane though!

  • Yeah a snail. We just stumbled across it online and my girlfriend fell in love with it.

  • Yeah we did. It’s transformed the house. We were lucky that the bricks underneath are in really good condition.

  • Oddly enough we got it from Amazon. We needed it ASAP and managed to get same day delivery.

  • I’m yearning to do mine. Did a test patch myself round the side and bricks are good.

    Would you mind sharing details of yours?

  • We hired http://www.essexbrickworkandrepointing.c­ as they'd come recommended from a friend. I'd also recommend. It cost £3.5k to do the front of our Victorian terrace. It really has transformed the house. I'll share some photos once the scaffolding has been removed.

  • Thanks!

    These were the guys I was looking at, great to have a genuine recommendation.

    More photos would be amazing.

  • Really like this one and it’s in Norfolk

    I kinda like what 31/44 did with this, but there are a number of things about it which push my buttons.

    Before starting the work, ‘we spent two summers in a camper van in the field, getting a feel for the land’, he says.

    I mean great if you had time for that but normal people don't.

    The 450 sq m steel-framed barn, which had been built around 1990, had little historical interest or architectural distinction but local planners stipulated that its frame had to be retained.

    Planners are such dumbos. They literally had to build a house shaped like a barn from 1990 because the planners couldn't bear to let them change it. Ridiculous. It's an architectural solution to a problem that shouldn't exist. Have the planners been watching Clueless or something?

    (If you don't get the reference -­8/10/03/isnt-my-house-classic-the-column­s-date-all-the-way-back-to-1972/)

    they were fastidious about the fixtures, fittings and detailing of their project, such as the colour of the ply (whitewash rather than yellow)

    So fastidious to not want 70s style yellow wood, lol.

    Luke and Klara initially planned to use the house just as a retreat for weekends and holidays, but as the project neared completion in early 2020, they decided instead to relocate there full-time, just before the UK went into its first lockdown.

    Such a smug final paragraph! Fuck off.

  • What do these people do for a living when that was their intended weekend retreat?

    "Designers" thats defo not where their money comes from.

    Not sure he's a designer like you're thinking of:­e/

  • Nice. We still have ours and will for a while :/

    I upgraded the euro cylinder to the most secure so with that and the multi point locking at least it's secure...

  • I see a lot of them about but they're too big and brassy in comparison.

    Can confirm, I want one eventually (obvs) but they standard really varies.

  • Hah good analysis - I reckon the frame thing is probably to do with conversion of agricultural buildings and retaining the vernacular or whatever.

    Why the fuck there is no place for a dining table is what boils my piss.


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Architecture and interior design thread

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