Architecture and interior design thread

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  • Why are there so many holes in it? :)

  • Good tactic to tell @HoKe to leave

  • I’ll never leave!

  • Do you mind sharing your route?

  • I have four blonde Carimate (probably habitat rather than Cassina) dining chairs with arms that need a new home. They are charming/wabi but could be restored. PM if you’re interested and able to collect E17. Yours for a bottle of wine.

  • The longest of all the shots...

    Has anyone seen or can think of a brise de soleil that would work on a red brick 1950s semi?

    Our dinning room is lovely and bright. Our garden is bathed in sunlight. But fuck me it's bright and hot in the dinning room from 2pm onwards. If we have dinner with the kids at 5-6pm I have to put an angled parasol up outside the patio doors.

  • Cheers.

    Are these quite specific technical things that need to take into account your position to ensure that you don't block light while reducing direct glare at low sun?

  • Are you thinking like shuttering or more an awning/shade type thing?

  • In my head shuttering. As I think it could be the most unobtrusive and allow the most light in outside the times that it angles right in.

  • You can geolocate a model in SketchUp and get the correct sun path to test shading efficiency of a design.

  • Very timely info, we were just talking about a tarp for our backyard. Is it still free?

  • That sounds cool.

    Unfortunately my laptop won't handle it. I should prob check fusion 36o for a similar feature...

    ... although it took me quite a while to draw a series of boxes and walls, so that could be ambitious.

    My mum suggested nest eye hooks and a sail.

  • The online only version is but you can do a 30 day trial of the pro desktop version too.

  • I think the thing with tarp / sail is that unless stretched super taught it will flap in wind and sag and collect rain - so a fixed pergola with horizontal slats as per the example above is better long term. External mounted awnings are used a lot in hot European countries and you can get them here but good ones get expensive.

  • That's a good point(s). Guess you'll never be able to prevent long term sag.

    I was looking at this thing, but butted up against the house:

    as it seems to solve a lot of the issues and the width works (I think). The depth might be an issue and idk what it would do to the plants in that area. Also while I'd assume with the flaps open it wouldn't restrict light, irl it could do.

    It's always the same story with our place. We have ideas of what we want, but are just never sure about dropping money on works when we don't know how long we'll be here and we doubt it will add value.

  • This is pretty hypothetical as we haven't actually had our mortgage offer through yet, but anyway.

    Looking to partially open up the living room and dining room in a fairly typical bay-fronted Edwardian mid-terrace, looking at second-hand double (or larger single) glazed doors.

    Currently liking these and also this on ebay - any other styles/alternatives/recommendations? Anyone done similar?

  • Would be surprised if the Victorian kind were compliant with building regs

  • well good - no dining table is curious tho...

    Thats dead nice.
    What do these people do for a living when that was their intended weekend retreat?

    "Designers" thats defo not where their money comes from.

  • What do these people do for a living


  • Ahhh the good ol days...

  • Lol yeah I saw that.

    I dunno I always figure they are several London properties along and have made money from each one, mortgage free and then good job allows them to save + borrow against house and/or new mortgage.

    That’s gotta be what a £700-1m build?

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Architecture and interior design thread

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