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  • sliding doors? And this is new place or old place?

    Nice work @dbr

  • Cupboard doors are fucking genius.

    Don't suppose you remember what the mechanism is or roughly what sort of cost they were?

  • It’s a hafele frontino system, the mechanism alone was about £1k per cupboard, but that was 2017.

  • Altho watching the demo video, that's a lot of bits. I mean it's not dissimilar in terms of parts to a bicycle. But proper lol at them marketing it as cost effective.

  • They took a lot of thought and time to assemble. Great once they’re in though, feel proper high end lux.

  • This looks great! Is it bespoke ply over ikea carcass by any chance? I'm currently looking into this option and would love to ask some questions if you've any experience working in that way...

  • Definitely not IKEA!

  • Everything bespoke.

  • does anyone know the history of this chair i feel like ive seen one before. The ad says 1950s
    i like the design but would like to know more if possible . seller is just a house clearance and not much info


    This is nothing new, right? some practices operate like a sweatshop..

    I’ve seen this a lot in my career, bullying, micro aggression, modern day slavery. A profession that can lack morality and humanity

  • This is nothing new, right?

    It feels as if some aspects are getting worse and "chartered practice" should be a mechanism that does more than it does currently to set standards for practices (rather than individuals).

    However much as RIBA talks about setting standards the fact it's optional to the profession means it can't do anything too unpopular as it needs the fees. So it can only 'lead' on what is already accepted. ie. Should be able to curb the worst practices but may not be able to radically transform mainstream practice culture, and has no effect on unchartered practices.

    The ethical framework stuff is part of the new framework they have already launched, it's not a response to the petition. Which is probably a better way around than RIBA President needing a petition from a newly formed action group to tell them this is happening - but I'm sure there's an element of "I guess I have to look deeply concerned now".

  • hafele frontino

    Lols £40k cupboard

  • Surrealist chic. Possibly exhausting after a while but I’d never seen a surrealist interior that I’d consider living in. (French guy not included)

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  • A lot of noise, but that living room is nice. I now also want a green corduroy suit.

  • I like the small furnishings. Something about a candlestick shaped as a surrealist chicken just warms my soul.
    Vincent Darré is the man’s name.

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  • Go big or go home.

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  • Great back story. Traffic safety aside, quite a good idea

  • I think I remember bump outs to keep vehicles off the shoulder but not quite sure.
    Regardless there wasn't tons of highway traffic around here in the 70s...

  • Lovely. Wouldn't be surprised if the chicken was by Lalanne,they played with their own deck of cards.

  • Very nice. The top pic reminds me of my favourite Miró piece.

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  • having the front of my house done in the next month or so with new double glazing to go in ,
    and wondered if i could ask some design help
    a house opposite has a really nice black and white theme going on and i'm hoping to copy it to a degree.

    what are peoples thoughts on the black double glazing ?

    here's the house opposite

    and here's mine with no third storey obvs

    is black double glazing a good idea or will it date / age more easily ? and where could i add the black areas to mine to make it look slightly nicer ? would it work with such a simple front, the other house has lots of features, the third storey, pipework, the bay window, which all help, will there be enough places to go black to make it look decent ?

    i'm aiming for a modern look if that makes any difference

    any ideas very welcome ... including alternative colours, anything really, front door has already had a few coats of black gloss applied but thought i might wait till the cement work is done before i finish it


  • Black windows will (have) date(d) and unless you are going genuinely modern (thin aluminium glazing and no period features) won’t really gel.
    There are some really nice details on your house and you could aim for something that as a foot in the current and the houses past by picking dark versions of period colours.
    Assume you are making the correct choice and going for wood windows so I’d suggest a dark grey green for the woodwork and maybe a light version for the masonry.
    You could build meter and bin storage and paint it a dark to match to make the front coherent.

    There was a nice Homerton house which had no original features so the owners rolled with it and had thin black aluminium windows and it was dead nice, but I can't find it atm (it was on TMH a couple of years back).

  • Talking of frontages, what colour should I do my house and windows this summer? Street is full of colourful houses so defs not white. Currently it's a boring baby blue which I'm keen to change.

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Architecture and interior design thread

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