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  • i have been to this building! is GREAT!!!! just broken iceberg WOW!

  • We're about to renovate two bathrooms. I can't find a single sink I like. Or a tap.

    Looking for something classic looking but not pseudo victorian. Not modern geometric stuff either.

  • armitage shanks is pretty alright for sinks - taps are solid but not fancy

  • Lusso stone do simple curved ones?
    I actually have a spare kicking about in my loft...

  • Good shout, some decent stuff there.

    Found this referene that I like

  • Surely, surely you would want to get a mixer and not have to fanny around adjusting two taps to get the right temperature

  • No. Don't like the look of a mixer. I'm fully aware of the implications but I think it looks pants 🤷♂️

    We have a two tap one in the kitchen, and in the current shower, and it's never been an issue. Most people will disagree though :)

  • Love the look of that...

  • I'm mostly here for the kitchen furniture, but couldn't resist.

  • I think you want as low as you can without causing issues for plumbing. The other way to go would be to make the bath more of a piece of furniture then you could go higher (steps/shelving etc).

  • At least the above pictured tap only has one spout.

  • Out of curiosity does everyone else struggle with shaving and face washing in those salad bowl basins?

  • You should see our abomination of a sink.
    The owners before the people we bought off were a little 'style'>substance.
    Our bathroom sink is 5-10cm deep (if that), and c1.5m long. Our kitchen sink is designed by porsche- and useless.
    Our utility sink has a tap that oversprays everywhere. And our loo sink is so small I can't wash my hands in it.

    Some of these things will change.

    (and don't even get me started on the shower/ bath situation).


  • Yeah, that's where I've ended up... going about 560mm in all, so a little under the norm.

  • Through various building works when I was younger I always lobbied for a square basin. My mum would immediately reference their impractility for cleaning. I thought she was so lame.

    Our bathroom (put in by our predecessors) has a square basin with a flat bottom. Fuck. Me. Is it a bitch to clean. Toothpaste always sits in the middle and basically has to be hand washed away. Limescale builds up on the plug. I have to use a mug to shave into, then unscrew the plug and carefully pour the hairy liquid down, because if I shave into the basin it just sits there and I then have to spend ages wiping it down after trying in vain to wash it away.

    The only saving grace is that it was useful for the first month of each child's birth for washing them.

  • Someone needs to start a lifestyle blog about fitting out a home with hyper-utilitarian fixtures and fittings that combat hard London water.

  • does anyone here have corten steel planters? I am thinking of getting some to prevent my neighbour parking on my drive. Since I am almost British, I am told that letting anyone park on your drive is forbidden.

  • Lol I was gonna get the same thing for the same reason

  • I dont want local thieves to think I am rich because I have a range rover parked on my drive !

  • Yeah have one in my front garden. Is nice. Would recommend.
    I'd prob just fire bomb the neighbours Range Rover though, may help them understand they made a bad decision when buying a vehicle.

  • Is nice. Would recommend.

    Send pics pls

    Where did you buy from?


    It doesn't look great atm as there is a bathroom in the front garden.
    Looks like they have doubled in price since I bought mine a year or so back.

  • Black brick void with mirrors for benches looks like the place to be for a K-hole.

  • lol'd so hard at this

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Architecture and interior design thread

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