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  • Inset/ recessed / flush handles throws up similar

  • Intense. Interesting to visit/stay but not to live, for me.
    I like the outside a lot but not the inside - the photo you chose I extremely dislike but looking at the other photos it's really only that part, the other images just make me feel chilly just looking at them. Feel that damp Belgian air and the leaves scattering across the stone floor...

    Is this the bed? Also the model with the fallen figure is creepy.

  • Thanks.

  • Agree. Cool space for a long, drunken, weekend away. But living there? Nah

  • My shins are already aching from where I would have repeatedly smashed them on all those disguised white brick protrusions

  • I can't even work out the right thread these days... but... bath heights.... I'm thinking lower the better right? Because why not? ating three wise men... @Fox @Sheppz @Tenderloin

  • This is not the input I was after.

  • ...

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  • The tiles are a bit of you tho aren't they.

  • Because why not?

    Think about lying down and then getting up from a bed vs the floor.

    Which is easier?

  • I have reported you all for online bullying and harassment.

  • But beds don't have sides?

  • No?

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  • And repainting them every time someone spills a drink.

  • Yes, thats the bed. All furniture is brick...
    Definitely not for me either, also the site doesn't seem to have layouts, so hard to say if you could make it useful.
    Posted it because its extreme, and I enjoy some of the other houses you could buy if you were Belgian.
    It's like the modern house, but instead of nicely staged interior shots the houses are empty and sad.
    Also agree regarding drafts, houses like this are very high on the nightmare to get insulated scale. Imagine what those windows would cost!
    And hitting your toes almost daily as an extra benefit as mentioned by others.
    But if I was well rich I would buy it, at least if Belgium is still that good for tax optimisation.

  • Sorry that was at me. I mistakenly thought that it made a difference in ease of getting in and out, whereas now I've thought about it properly it won't. It's more about the height of the edges making it easier to lift from.

    As a parent I'd say higher is better as it stops them climbing in/out and reduces splashing.


    Surely this is actually a mixed workspace that turns into a club Thurs-Sat.

  • I did 500mm of tile as a bath panel. so top of bath is at 55o. The kids use the adjacent wall hung basin as a grab handle for bath exit anyway 😣

  • So about 40 below the norm? How’s you find it apart from the kids issue? I know you’ve shared a pic before but would love to see some more!

  • This house reminds me of those homemade cars. Some builder saw a modernist villa in LA and thought he'd knock one up himself and add a Bauhaus paint job.

  • Absolutely fine - probably drainage would be better if it was higher but that’s down to soil pipe position. Wouldn’t go lower. Basin is at 800 which is bit lower that typical I think.

    Those two I posted are the only shots I have tbh there’s not much else to see bar a white wall - ugly rad - and a white shower curtain concealing a bath tap shower combo.

  • Yes, agree. But this is Elon Musk?

  • Eloi Muskwa.

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Architecture and interior design thread

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