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  • Vases Découpage!

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  • trying to decide whether I want to keep the raw plaster in my living room unpainted or not. might be nice to do half and half (matching the bottom half to the wood work's mylands brompton green). the raw colour is v.cosy at night but I'm less convinced during the day : /

  • might as well... can always paint at a later date. harder to go back!

  • Bathroom wall lights.... any suggestions? Seeing as my Flos are not up to spec... Wall mounted maybe?

  • östanå

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  • I LOVE you love for Ikea, especially when its justified.
    They may well be perfect.

  • I love spending money as much as the next #buyer but then I'm also scottish so if there's an inexpensive alternative, I'm all ears. ikea must make hundreds of new products each year so it's inevitable they'll have some bangers. just need to edit judiciously

  • Oluce Fresnel is a personal favorite, no love for Ikea here. #buyoncecryonce

  • Tap looks about 10mm of centre to the groutline.

  • Hop up to Tottenham and grab some - they are on clearance now - @ £7 - I see them used so much online - reckon you'd make a profit on ebay even if you didnt use them !

  • I can almost see that Ikea form my house...

    Stressing floor now, with the Terrazzo it is looking like a 40mm step change which is madness...

  • I know how tight Scotts can be - my old man never cooked oven chips properly so he could save a few P on electricity, but these look a great option.

  • Thanks, look great but maybe a bit to industrial for what I'm going for...

  • We got some Astro lights which we saw in CP Hart - more #buyer than IKEA but not terrible by any stretch

    Think the model is Bari

  • Balls - that’s trip hazardish 😖

  • Yeah, I kinda like the idea of a little step up, but 10-20mm max.

  • For using the mirror? What's the issue with the Flos fittings?

  • Nah not for minor, just on an empty wall. Flos are not IP rated.

    Currently not looking good floor wise, even risking the scorn of @Fox and being inauthentic and getting simple faux terrazzo from Mandarin stone is a no go due to lead times.

  • presume they're not rated for bathroom use (i.e. won't deal with water ingress)

    edit: too slow

  • Fair do's, depends on the zone but it's not unusual to use IP20 if it's away from water sources and the room doesn't get too damp.

  • Thats what I feel too - could go IP20 if its 60cm from water, but none of the sparks I've spoken to will do it.

  • If it's mains then probably best to listen. Think Flos do a IP44 glo ball, it's probably just a gasket to make it splash proof.

  • Aye, eyed that up but the IP44 version is micro.

  • :(

    Is the real stuff out for cost reasons? I thought you had some bitcoins you could sell?

    This may SHOCK you but I'm thinking about doing wooden flooring in our eventual bathroom (which we've decided is going to be the top back bedroom, it will basically be a fancy ensuite on the same floor as our loft master and when we get round to it we'll do a cheapo shower room in some of the bedroom below for the paupers guests).

    I was going to do Siberian larch flooring on that floor before we decided to put the bathroom on the second floor and we've had a load of it getting wet outside since we built this place and it's fine. It's not like it's going to be a bathroom for splashy kiddies. So a wood that's happy getting wet + suitable waterproof oil will be fine I reckon...

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Architecture and interior design thread

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