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  • Is that bulb completely directional? Otherwise it would be rather harsh at standing height, maybe even if it is.

    I went through a bare bulb phase, I like lampshades now.

  • Main thing about this picture though is put the albums back under the shelf where they belong. :)

  • But then you lose your playlist.

  • I can sell you a plywood divider :)

  • Get thee behind me you nefarious complexophile demon.

  • Beautiful. Obviously. To me, it is borderline priceless. But in the real world, I know it's a Neutra. I know its exquisite. I know it was very well renovated. But $25 million?

    I understand it's cultural significance and owning such an iconic home is incredibly rare and I know someone with stacks of cash will buy it for $25 million. But. Palm Springs is a horrid place to live for most of the year given the desert climate IMO. No idea who would want to own it.

    Across in Los Angeles, well, Pasadena, comedian Kristen Wiig purchased Case Study Home #10 a few years ago for $3 million. $ per sq/ft is far higher in Los Angeles than Palm Springs, too, so it seems like a complete bargain by comparison.

    But. With that said. I would live in the desert if it meant living there :-)

  • Is that bulb completely directional?

    Yes, or at least i think so. It looks like an LED MR16 lamp. Why the fuck you want to shine it at a mirror is beyond me. On the off chance you don't get direct glare as you walk anywhere near it you can rest assured when you sit down you'll have a bright light source reflected back in your face.

  • No idea who would want to own it.

    Someone with arthritis?

    It's a silly point, but it's great when you see details like the stonework used correctly, fitting in beautifully, rather than being hideously replicated as a fashion trend.

  • mirror

    Is there a reason everyone is so sure that it is a mirror?

    On first look I assumed it was glass, and the reflection of that little bit of string is just reflection you'd get with a normalish glass (there is nothing else, like the sofa showing). The angle of normal glass would give a bit of directional light reflection as well as refracting the light upwards - which based on the bulb is what I assumed the main purpose is.

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  • jesus wept. makes my heart hurt

  • I was just responding to other people calling it a mirror but the fact i cant see the left hand cord behind the disc makes me think it might be. Even if it is glass i think you'll still get a harsh reflection on it.

    You've got a room flooded with day light during the day so i'm not sure why you'd want to project that much light onto the ceiling at night (if it is glass).

    EDIT: Maybe it could be useful for certain times during the day when you're not getting direct daylight but still not a fan for the evening.

  • I assumed it was glass


  • Beautiful, apart from the extended guttering?!

  • You can adjust the height of the light source and those bulbs have a beam angle as narrow as 10°, usually around 40°, getting it glare-free seems trivial.
    Mirrors, either glass or polished metal, work fairly well for reading lamps, see Castiglioni's Gibigiana.

    This one seems to use some sort of coated specialty glass.

  • With a visible light source and sharp cut off lines it's not gonna make a great reading light IMO.

    As an interesting looking piece of furniture it works well.

  • And sorry if i'm being super negative about it! Like i said, it's a cool feature but i guess decorative light fittings have become a sensitive point for me lately.

  • No worries, I get having strong opinions about these things.

    Regardless, I've been enamoured with Bruno Munari's Capri for Danese Milano for a while now,
    originals are few and far between, so I took the plunge and ordered some chopped strand fibreglass matting to knock myself up a few copies.

    Edit: Pics belong to , who had one at some point.

  • nice. remind me a little of this light designer (local to us) who makes cabbage lights­ing/

  • There seems to be a little bit of an obsession with all things cruciferous on that page!

  • Looks good, is that a Tala lamp in there?

  • What I actually meant to say is 'No idea who would want to live there' - as in, Palm Springs! Oops. I appreciate that whoever dressed the house for sale didn't go OTT with Eames and Wagner stuff. As much as I like them, it often becomes a cliche in mid century for sale photos.

  • Chuck some ‘70s De Sede in there any day of the week.

  • This sold back in May after being on the market for a couple of days not too far from where I live. First time it had come onto the market since being built. Fantastic:­Villa-Heights-Rd-Pasadena-CA-91107/20922­855_zpid/

  • I could live in palm springs.

    For 2 months of the year

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Architecture and interior design thread

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